Shooting the "Magic Mile" with a 30 Cal.

Of course I would have to choose my
Remington M40 700 Long Range Rifle
300 Remington Ultra Magnum with this Load
225gr. - ELD-MATCH - Bullet
103gr. - MAGNUM - Powder
9 1/2 M - Remington - Primer
3,100fps. - Velocity
0.730 - Ballistic Coefficient
3.645" - Cartridge Overall Length
If you were to choose your favorite .30 Caliber Rifle to shoot the magic mile what would it be ?

.300 win mag will get you 2k for sure. It’s certainly one of the most common in the ELR game and can do well with the proper components.

For more practical purposes, if we start talking about transonic barrier and terminal performance you would probably start wanting to look at stuff like .338 LM.

Certainly the .300 Norma and the RUM are contenders as well.
Out of what I personally have in 30 cal I'd take my 300 win. If I was building a gun for shooting a mile in 30 cal it would be the 300 Norma. Although far from optimal I have personally and been witness to numerous guys connecting at a mile with a 308. Decent gun, a good ballistic app, a guy that's really good at reading and calling the wind and a few shots. So it just depends what your trying to do.
Well according to the litz corrected library the 212gr eldx has about a .334 g7 bc and the Nosler accubond for a .200 gr has a .268 bc.

A higher bc will only benefit the shooter with added forgiveness when shooting deep into the thousands of yards.

The litz library had the 210 vld as .323 g7 so I’d be persuaded to say he’s more than fair on his bc testing.
30-06. Why its my all time favorite 30 cal. It takes with my load 64 MOA to get a mile. with only 1147 fps @ a mile. BUT IF I wanted to get real serious. I would ran a big 30 Like my BSM that can get a 230smk to around 3400fps. Its very consistent and with the BC of the Bullet and speed. Its still going about 1620FPS @ one mile. And only takes 39.25 MOA of elevation for that shot with a 100 yard zero.

Now if I could or would get a fancy lathe turned high BC target bullet it would be a lot faster at a mile.... ;)
Yuppers,,, my old school Ought-6 just makes it using ELD-X's or M's 178's...

My 308 Winny drops off short at 1435 ish meters,,, that's ok since I work more on the 4 to 800 meter stuff... Normally I run the Ought-6 in the 1 km zone. Ha.

Yuppers,,, if your going for distance,,, get some ft-per seconds behind the boolitz.

Yo Yo Yo
300wsm and 300nm will be the most accurate.

300wm. 300prc. 30nos. 308normag

3006 would be cheapest

Tons of good choices
My first choice would be a 300 Thunderhulk which is a 408 case shorted and necked down to 30cal pushes the 240 SMK 3400fps or the 215 Berger close to 3600fps.

My second choice would be a 300 Norma Improved. Both cartridges just plan shoot! Plus they have plenty of energy to take a big game animal at 1 Mile
I have a Savage model 111 in 300 win mag. that I bought from a long range shooter a few years ago. He used to use it as his go to 1 mile shooter. He claimed to be able to put rounds on a 16" steel plate consistently at 1 mile. I do not plan to shoot anywhere near that as I purchased the rifle for elk hunting. I will say I got real lucky after putting an Eliminator 3 scope on it and bore sighting it I was able to do a 2 shot zero using a lead sled at 100 yards. That was shooting factory Winchester 180gr. Ballistic Silvertip ammo.
Savage 111 LRH 8-8-14 100 yard zero.jpg
I’d definitely use my 30-378 . Not saying that any other 30 cals won’t do it . My 300 win mag is accurate as all get out to 800 but that’s all the further I’ve took it.
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