elr-resources.com – a resource for the ELR shooting community

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    elr-resources.com – a resource for the ELR shooting community

    I just finished doing a link check on my website, www.elr-resources.com, and decided to pitch it as a resources to the ELR shooting community, one more time.

    Background: I started the site in May 2011 when I became seriously interested in ELR shooting. The site includes (very low) thousands of links – and links only, save for minor commentary regarding what I found interesting at the annual SHOT Shows, which having and maintaining the site allows be to go to as “media”. It is maintained daily and updated formally every week. Before support the hit counter I was using went away, along with the hit counter, it had recorded 41,000+ hits to the home page – and it is not my internet home page (i.e., not where my internet browsers startup). While the site is primarily composed of US company links, more and more international companies have been added over the years. Please note that it is an entirely non-commercial site, no registration, no fuss, no muss – and no forum, and no interest in having one. I make no compensation from it – zero, zip, none.

    Site content:

    Rifles – 176 companies producing branded and custom-build ELR rifles (min .338 LM chambering); 272 named rifle models

    Rifle Components:

    Actions – 33 companies, 29 with models chambering .338 LM bolt face cartridges, 8 chambering CT-bolt face cartridges, and 8 chambering .50 BMG-bolt face cartridges; includes a comparative matrix of offerings based on published specs.

    Barrels – 32 companies offering at least .338 caliber

    Bipods – 24 companies

    DBMs and Mags – 7 and 9 companies, respectively

    Muzzle Brakes – 39 companies

    Scope Bases and Rings – 31 companies

    Scopes – 31 companies

    Stocks and Chassis – 58 companies

    Suppressors – 34 with at least .338 LM capability, 10 rated for .50 BMG

    Triggers – 17 companies

    Ammo & Ammo Components:

    Ammo (loaded) – 41 companies with 75+ .338 LM offerings and 37 .50 BMG offerings; includes an ammo matrix by chambering

    Brass – 25 companies, 14 with .338 LM offerings

    Bullets – 39 companies, 31 with .338 caliber offerings and 25 with .50 caliber offerings; includes a bullets matrix by major ELR caliber

    Powder – 12 companies

    Primers – 12 companies

    Reloading Equipment:

    Aids – 16 companies

    Bullet Coating & Prep – 6 companies

    Case Prep – 26 companies

    Dies – 16 companies

    Load Data – 9 companies (powder companies)

    Misc – 3 companies

    Presses – 18 companies, 14 with .50 BMG capability

    Priming Tools – 9 companies

    Scales/Balances/Powder Measures – 10 companies

    Misc (Products):

    Chamber Reamers – 4 companies

    Fasteners & Material Suppliers – 13 companies

    Other Misc – 22 companies

    Ranging & Target Solutions Aids – 55 companies

    Rifle Cases (Hard) and Associated – 16 companies

    Shooting Rests (excluding bipods and benches) – 11 companies

    Spotting Scopes – 23 companies

    Target Impact Viewing Systems – 9 companies

    Targets – 16 companies


    Gunsmiths – 76 companies from 31 states (separate listings by company-name and state)

    Ranges (min 1000 yards) – 80 ranges from 33 states, plus Australia (separate listings by range-name and state)

    Retailer/E-Tailers – 63 companies

    Training (with courses out to at least 1000 yards) – 39 companies


    Cartridges – 53 cartridges and a comparative matrix

    Associations” – 8 groups

    Info Sites – 26 and Forums – 11 with ELR-specific content and 5 with associated content

    Legal – mostly BTAFE and California (I live in California)

    Pubs, Articles, and Photos – 23 with several cartridge side-by-side, visual comparisons

    News – a recap of what has been added or changed during the week just passed; plus SHOR Show recaps (which are also posted to forum sites with major ELR content)

    End notes – I’m always looking for more content in the above groupings (companies that have a web presence reflecting ELR shooting “involvement”) and additional content groups (in case I have managed to miss an entire group). Please communicate, including providing constructive criticism, via e-mail, to webmaster at elr-resources.com. Thanks for reading through this post. If you have yet to stop by my site, please do.
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