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  • Hi ELR - Can you please tell me what bracket you are using for the long range target frame. The red head that slips over top bar. Threads to the legs.
    After all of your experiences with many 338's. which one have you found to be a "best all around" in your opinion?

    Thanks for your time.

    ELR Researcher
    Other than fire forming with the Hornady 225s, I have only shot the Berger 300s - which work great.
    What mag block/ follower block are you using in place of the 338 cip length mags

    Sorry you had trouble with your viewing. Sounds like it has been resolved. Great!

    Never a "stupid" question, only the question not asked.

    My site is purely a non-commercial hobby.

    I'm retired and live in Redondo Beach, CA - bearing up under the restrictions.
    Nevermind. Answered my own question. You sell, or provide parts/equipment. Sorry for the stupid question.
    I tried to peek in at your website, but part of the catagories were blotted out with other words.... Could be my phones software I guess, as Nosler reloading site is the same way.
    So is researching Extreme Long Range your job, or hobby, or...? Pretty cool either way.
    What state do you call home? If you don't mind me asking.
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