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Product Reviews & Field Tests

Gun Reviews

  1. 6.5 Prc - Review

    By John Johnston

    In October of 2017 Hornady announced the birth of a new cartridge, the 6.5 PRC. PRC stands for...
  2. The 6.5 Sherman, And Other 6.5’s I Have Known

    By Gene Solyntjes
    3,329 fps! I looked down at the chronograph in surprise. After shooting rifles chambered in 6.5...
  3. Savage Long Range Hunter Rifle Review

    Savage Long Range Hunter Rifle Review

    By John Johnston

    The Savage LRH has been around several years, enough time to let...

Hunting Stories

  1. Leopard In A Tree !

    Leopard In A Tree
    By Len Backus

    "Leopard in a tree!" was Hassan's urgent utterance. It was the seventh morning of our Kenya photo safari. Hassan was driving west toward the area where we had been shooting a cheetah family quite late the afternoon before. A little way further down the gravel...
  2. Brown Bears At Breakfast

    Brown Bears at Breakfast
    By Ian McMurchy

    “We are into “Plan-B”, Ian. We had no idea there would be so much snow this late in the season. Lots of bear tracks so we will be O.K.!”

    Those words greeted me when outfitter Wayne Woods beached his skiff onto a desolate Copper...
  3. The Perfect Hunting Partner

    By Jeff Rueth

    We’ve all had a lot of hunting partners over the years. Some great and some you would like to forget. You have the guy that doesn’t help with anything unless asked, the guy that always wants to borrow something because he was to cheap to buy his own. You have the guy that forgets...

Technical & How-To Articles

By John Murphy Are you looking to cover more ground in a fast, efficient, quiet way? Or are you simply trying to cover the same area that you did...
By Sam Nelson I checked again for wind, the mirage was a boil, almost imperceptible. I could feel a coolness on my back where my shirt was damp...
By Jim See of Elite Accuracy - - Everybody seems to be an expert when it comes to putting stuff together but a novice when it comes to diagnosing...