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  1. 6.5 Prc - Review

    By John Johnston

    In October of 2017 Hornady announced the birth of a new cartridge, the 6.5 PRC. PRC stands for...
  2. The 6.5 Sherman, And Other 6.5’s I Have Known

    By Gene Solyntjes
    3,329 fps! I looked down at the chronograph in surprise. After shooting rifles chambered in 6.5...
  3. Savage Long Range Hunter Rifle Review

    Savage Long Range Hunter Rifle Review

    By John Johnston

    The Savage LRH has been around several years, enough time to let...

Hunting Stories

  1. Aoudad Hunt West Texas

    By Charles Foster Jr. (AKA CaptnC) I was drawn by Texas Parks and Wildlife to hunt on their Devil's River SNA. It was for exotic sheep and had no limit! This was my first time applying.
  2. Wyoming Spring Bear Hunt

    It didn’t take much discussion to convince me that a life-size body mount is the only way to honor this creature.
  3. OTC Bull Elk, Public Land, CO 2nd Rifle Season 2017 – My Story

    OTC Bull Elk, Public Land, CO 2nd Rifle Season 2017
    By Chris Gardner

    I wanted to share my story for those that may be looking to embark on their first journey out west to pursue free ranging game in the mountains. I learn a lot from reading: hunting & shooting magazines coming to the house...

Technical & How-To Articles

Gearing Up for Mountain Extremes By Mike Duplan, Hunting Editor Originally published in WESTERN HUNTER MAGAZINE It’s An Exciting Time To Be A...
By Darrell Holland On a recent hunting trip to South Africa with my Alumni students, I took the opportunity to burn extra rounds of ammunition on...
By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks We get a lot of calls before and after the point of sale debating the relative merits and pitfalls of a...