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6.5 GAP
Brian S.



123 Amax

100 yards, 3 shots

I think the rifle has potential!


30 Nosler
Ron P.


I'm still fairly early in my break-in on the 30 Nosler you built, but here is a 3 shot group. It was a 3 shot group on paper after 2 foulers were shot at steel. Thanks again. I'm really looking forward to doing more shooting. - Ron


Bob T.


I asked for a hunting gun - got an IBS benchrest accuracy capable gun -- lol.

This gun is unbelievable. Thank you. -- Bob.


26 Nosler
Brian S.

When I shipped Brian's rifle I gave him a "starter" load. I explained that on my first quick range session I tried 4 or 5 powder weights with US869 and only one seating depth and one bullet to come up with the "starter" load.

I shot 3/8 inch, three shot groups at 100 yards with it. That's with a big cartridge case, using 88 grains of powder and 3,300 fps velocity. His reply was that he'll enjoy working on a load that will shoot even better, into one small and ragged hole. So a few weeks later I got this picture. Thanks Brian!


7mm RM
Ronnie B.


The pic is of my daughter and her Pennsylvania buck that she shot at 625 yards with the 7mm RM you built for us. She is ten years old! I am a very proud father.

I'm starting to think about a big brother for this rifle. I need to call you and pick your thoughts someday soon. Thanks, Ronnie.


7mm LRM
Jayson A.


Here is a stone sheep I just took in British Columbia with my new 7mm LRM rifle you built. It was shot at 687 yards in the first week I have ever shot long range.



308 Win
T.J. B.

To say I'm impressed would be a monumental understatement. I just threw 42.5g of imr-4064 in it and loaded up a few rounds .015 off the lands and this was the result. Prone in a hayfield. Your professionalism and willingness to promptly communicate with me during the build, and the outstanding quality of this rifle have made my day. You truly provide a top shelf experience and product. MONEY EXTREMELY WELL SPENT! God knows what she will do with a little load development. One FREAKIN HAPPY CUSTOMER!


Received later: Len, this is after some more load development. The outside measurement of .396, translates into .088 center to center.

Fantastic rifle, my stepmother took a whitetail with the rifle at 471 yards last season. It was the first time she fired the gun.

7mm LRM
K. L.


Just wanted to say thanks for the LRM. This last weekend a couple of us used it to kill three elk including two at 876 yards. All one shot kills. Thanks, couldn’t be happier. Pictures to follow.

K. L.


David S.

My son was amazed at the 1/4 moa groups he was getting off the bipod prone with no change in POI from the bench. And he hit 20 chickens in a row @400 off bipod.

She's the sweetest shooter I've ever owned.

Thanks, David


Andy Backus.

Dad, good job on my new rifle! I fired 2 shots to sight in and then these 3 groups. Group #1 is the "old" powder lot with xx.0 grains. #2 is same load with the "new" powder lot. #3 is a smidge more powder with the "new" powder lot. I think I'll quit there.

By the way, this was with the 3-12x44 Huskemaw. Pretty darn good shooting for only 12 power -- if I do say so myself!

I head out this evening with Scott to scout for my high country Colorado backpack hunt of next month. This rifle gives me great confidence for that hunt. Thanks again.


Dean P.

From Dean: This is Dean from New York. Was at range today. Still love the gun! Wish I could shoot better.

From Len: If you weren't a lefty that 200 yard group would be much smaller than 5/8 inches.


Dillon R.

Rifle delivered: Len, what a gorgeous piece of work thanks so much for the pride and detail I couldn't be happier I'll be taking it out tomorrow and cannot wait to see how it shoots.

Tomorrow came: Len, what a gun it shoots better than I do thanks for the pride and workmanship of this rifle.


Kevin W.

Len, here is a group with the new 6.5x284 shot with Copper Creek Ammo. This was only a few rounds into breaking it in. I shot a total of 30 rounds and they all shot good, real good. Thank you, I will be ordering a big brother soon.

It's everything you advertise.


300 RUM
Lou I.

Len, I should have bought all my rifles from you.

What a great rifle!

Above is 3 shot grouping at 100 yards using the load data you gave me. Didn't even have to work up a load.

300 RUM w/ 28" barrel.


338 EDGE
Bill W.

Len, felt bad that my very first groups didn't make it into the email blast -- stiff competition from your other rifle customers... LOL !!!

But how about this group! Love the gun. Will send pic of moose (hopefully) in about a month.

Thanks again, Bill

Five minutes after the first email above I got the following from Bill saying: "Make that .280. Was using hunting camp math.. Lol"

300 RUM
Chris G.

Len, Chris G. is very happy with his rifle. After barrel break in I was getting the scope zeroed for him and was getting some very boring one hole groups at 100 yds. He will be getting in some shooting at longer range this summer when it is not too hot here. Great job on this rifle. --Walter D.--


Steve P.

Steve P. sent me this picture of the very first group from his new 6.5x284. These were the 8th, 9th and 10th shots out of the rifle.

This target shows 3 shots at 100 yards. On the phone with me, he said a dime will easily cover them. I could almost see the big grin as he spoke.

Now he wants me to build him a 7mm Dakota in a certain configuration and color in time for this year's elk season. --Len--

MSGT Sean.D.

I picked up the rifle you built for me when I was back in Oregon on leave. It is one of the best shooting rifles I have ever put my hands on. I would have to say it is even better than the current Sniper rifles we use. Thanks again


338 EDGE
Vernon H.

As promised, here is the results from my second .338 EDGE Long Range Rifle. Very impressive!

Thanks & keep up the good work!

243 AI and 6.5x284
Shane B.


The rifle is shooting on average 1/2 moa at 400 yds with a somewhat random picked fireforming load behind the 105 A-Max bullet (had some I wanted to burn up). I've gotten some groups as small as quarter minute with same load, and everything I've shot through the rifle has been under moa, even really cheap factory 243 ammo. I've yet to do any real load development, but I suspect this gun will consistantly shoot 1/4 minute with a pet load once I get brass formed and details worked out.

This is how a custom built rifle should shoot, I've currently got a couple other custom builds that don't shoot nearly this good with quite a bit more load testing behind them. Needless to say, they are going back to the gunsmiths.


300 RUM
Brian C.

Len -- Just a follow up note on the gun. I've spent the last two weeks getting a load worked up. In the course of working up a load, all of the different powder weights I tried came in under .9" with two groups coming in at .3". These are the best I have ever been able to shoot with any rifle. Yesterday went to the range to verify the velocity with that best load and to try long range. At 925 yards with a 6mph wind I put three rounds into a 4" group just to the right of the bullseye! Now comes the real practice from field positions. Thanks from a satisfied customer.


Later Brian emailed me the photo to the right. Scored 198, shot at 590 yards!

"I am happy with the gun. I was glad I had the gun for this one."

Len Backus

Though I am the owner of Long Range Rifles,LLC, I guess I should still be allowed to provide a testimonial on my own personal rifle. :)

My son and I just returned from a trip to the Big Horn Mountains where among other activities we shot at rocks out to nearly 1,000 yards.
"My first shot at 993 yards impacted 1 inch high and 1 inch right of my aiming point. My second bullet divot in the granite rock touched the first divot. Then I turned over the Long Range Rifles bolt action gun to my son, Andy. He proceeded to nearly touch the 2nd bullet’s divot with his own first shot."


Tim O.

Len, just following up to let you know we got the 6.5-284 broke in and got the load worked up.With a 3 shot group it's hard to tell if we shot 3 times. With a 5 shot group all we need is a dime to cover it.

Just wanted to say thanks!


Tim sent another picture a couple weeks later:

1,000 yard group!

I guess that is a money group but the $100 bill was all I had in my pocket to show the group.

Money won’t buy you love but it will let you pick your own brand of misery and this must be mine.


Kenney H.

Thanks Len I appreciate getting the reamer diagram. The gun is doing very well. It looks like very professional work, is a pleasure to shoot and is the best shooting rifle I have. My first 6 shot group at 100yds was just barely larger than a dime (maybe 1/4 of 2 holes were showing outside the dime). I later varied the charges and seating depths further and it really doesn't seem to matter, it just shoots everything well!

I couldn't be happier with it and when I look for my next rifle I may have to give you another email.

7WSM and 6.5x284
Scott P.



Voicemail on a Saturday:
"Len, this is Scott.

The rifle was delivered this morning, looks good. I did a ladder test at 200 yards using H1000 and 8 different powder weights for the 8 total shots. These were the first 8 shots out of the rifle after sighting in. There was a little bit of mirage and a little bit of wind.

So at 200 yards the 8 shots grouped at 1-1/4" with the 6 best going into only 3/4."

He finished up his message with a satisfied chuckle. A week later Scott said he gotten out to 900 yards, putting 4 shots into 4 inches. By then, with 40 shots taken, he had not yet cleaned the barrel. Upon cleaning it he saw powder residue but NO copper.

A few months later Scott bought a 6.5x284 from me. The picture at the top-right of this section is one of his group pictures that he sent me.

338 EDGE and 7mm Dakota
Nate & Nita H.


I got 2 phone calls from a repeat rifle customer (Nate H.) this week. He had bought a 338 EDGE from me last spring to give to his hunting buddy who frequently hosts him on some pretty nice hunts. Together they attended one of Shawn Carlock's shooting classes this summer.

Nate used one of his own rifles at that class and afterwards decided he wanted something that would shoot as well as the Long Range Rifles, LLC gun that his friend brought to the class. So Nate called me later to buy a 7 Dakota from me. That horsepower and accuracy would enable him to keep up with his friend's new rifle.

So anyway, Nate called me a few days ago to say he had shot his new 7 Dakota. First he took 2 shots to zero the scope at 200 yards. On his 3rd shot he was where he wanted to be on paper. Meanwhile his friend had been shooting next to him and the barrel on his new 338 EDGE (by Long Range Rifles,LLC) needed to cool down a little on the 92 degree day so they were just resting and waiting. Then Nate offered to let his friend take a shot with the new 7 Dakota.

Well, the friend took one shot and the bullet hit Nate's own bullet hole at 200 yards. And Nate had to call me to tell me he's pretty satisfied.

Then Nate called me the very next day again to say he and his wife (who hunts and shoots, lucky man) went out to the range and hit a 300 yard gong with the 7 Dakota. About then a dumb, young coyote walked in sight and Nita nailed it with the 7 Dakota at 185 yards. It has a Huskemaw scope on it, by the way.

So now I am hoping to get a 3rd phone call from Nate saying his wife wants a new gun, too. :)

-- Len Backus


7mm Dakota
Doug R.

I just recieved my new 7MM Dakota from Len on monday. So far it has been every thing I had hoped for. After shooting 13 rounds through it cleaning between each round. I shot a 3 shot group that measured .412". Using Berger 180 g Hunting VLD's, 73 g H-1000 and 3.330 OAL. These were rounds I made up before I recieved the Rifle So I haven't even started to play with Bullet seating depth or different powder charges.

Also Had Len Mount a Huskemaw Scope. Have not had to touch the scope it is exactly 1/2 inch high at 100 yds. I Have Leupold's and Swarovski's on my other Rifles and I am very happy with the clarity and functionality of the Huskemaw. I believe it to be every bit as good as my Leupolds. Not as crisp as my much more expensive Swarovski.

Len, thanks for the great shooting Rifle and this web site were I have learned a great deal about Long Range Hunting and shooting. READ MORE>>

338 EDGE
Bob B.

The gun is a masterpiece of metal artwork & precision engineering. I am very impressed!

I have a friend, Erik, who is a former Marine sniper and head/trainer of a 5-county SWAT team, who is teaching me all the sniper stuff. What fun!!!

He loves the gun. On our first day out, he was making head shots at 350 yards, on the Police range, with 1 1/4 " groupings. I still need more practice.

I am taking it elk hunting at the end of October & can't wait to see it perform. I'll let you know how things go.

Thank you, again, for such a marvelous gun!​