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Thanks for your response to my “manuals” post. An aside question - what source do you use for beginning loads for wildcat cartridges?
J E Custom
I normally start with the parent case loads and use the increase in case capacity to find a starting loads Based on the design.

It sounds simple, but you have to stay away from Squib loads. Often I will use a lighter bullet with the powder charge for heavier bullets to hold pressures down. I consider 90% case density a good starting point.

I have a Leupold 1.5x6x30 with an illuminated reticle. that came off my 375 H&H. It's the perfect thing for dangerous game and I've used it effectively out beyond 300 yds. Illumination is very handy at twilight or against a darkly colored animal. I would let it go for $450 if you wanted it.
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