What gun would you want if the SHTF?


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Nov 26, 2008
Eastern Montana - Almost North Dakota
Was having a BS session today tearing down our elk camp about what gun we would want if the s*#% hit the fan. We figured a gun that could shoot to 800 yards reliably would be the ticket and it would have to have a decent magazine system.

I was thinking I'd go buy a Remington 700 Police in 308 and have a detachable mag system installed with a few 10 rd mags then stick a 4.5-14x50 Mark 4 on it...mostly because that would about drain my savings right now. :D

How about everyone else?

I hope this hasn't been posted before.
What **** and which fan?

The **** hits the fan from time to time around here, but flowers and a night out usually fix that!:D
SHTF is a broad and not so definitive abstract term. Care to expound more so I can give my .02 cents?

From the title alone I would have crafted a short-barreled 12ga. in semi-auto, long clip with full 00 buckshot.

If i had only one rifle for **** hitting the fan, I would have to go with an M1A variant. Automatic fire is the way to go, and with rail systems you can quick attach a high powered scope for long range or an EOTECH for CQB.
Zombie invasion. We were thinking what if we got back to town Red China had invaded.

No one gun......

Around this neck of the woods it's a couple of Sig 556s, H-Bars, HK SL-2, Win Mags, H&H Mags, Rums, a medium range, for "Wolverine" worked to 1200 yds plus an on the way piece of heavier artillery good for possibly 3K.

Then we'd fall back on the 20 and 12 gauges.

Between several of us we should be able to hold our own as long as the NG up the road get their Howitzers limbered up fairly rapidly..

Singing "we'll go out in a blaze of glory.........Just like we came in........!:D
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Zobies...Commy China... same thing = MK19, If I didn't have to pay for ammo!

The question should be: What weapon if Mexico invaded?
Oh wait, they already have! And our weapon is good ole Mr. Obama! :D:D:D
Zombies, that's what I'll tell my wife lightbulb. 375 AM repeater, line them up Quigley style two for one. Then have a spray and pray side kick for it. I kinda dig the auto loader shot gun on the x-box.

Where do you have to hit a Zombie?
Suppressed Ruger 10/22

In my neck of the woods, small game is much more plentiful and allows you to "eat and run" vs. being tied to a larger kill.

IMHO, if the SHTF remaining mobile and as low profile as possible will be the way to go.
Like royinidaho said, "No one gun......"

I would want a hide-away piece like my derringer. Then something for 100 yards and closer; I like my 357. Then a scoped semi-auto rifle for extended ranges, maybe that 338 Edge I saw on YouTube, "Only Head Shots". :)
SOCOM 2 , leupold M3 3.5-10x40 mark 4 and a s**t load of hornady 168grain tap ammo , should be able to tidy up most s**t with that !

oh and a glock in 45 acp (we can't have pistols anymore in the uk but i bet i'd remember how to use one quick enough!)

although pistols are only really useful to fight your way to a rifle..........
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Browning A Bolt, 300WSM to try and keep them further than 500yds, 3 1/2" 12 guage Ultramag for when the lady's reloading the Browning, 8 3/8" Taurus 44Mag if one slips around the side of the house while I'm shootin' out front, I'm pretty good one-handed with that! 22 and a dozen blocks of ammo for quick food supply! I think I could make it....

"if you're closer enough to read this you are WELL within Range"
"Pick a spot...a LITTLE spot...squeeze....
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