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  • Was looking at some advice you gave on WSM throating. My conundrum is I am torn between shooting the 181 hammer hunter, 200 eldx or 212 eldx. Would like to be able to shoot 25 yards in the timber or way out in the open. If throated for the 212 then looks like anything else would have to jump a mile. What would you do?
    Hey man, I am rebarreling my 300win with a 28" 1/9.4 tube and I only want to run 215 hybrids. That being said I have been eyeballing your reamer print my Dave kiff. My questions are what type of accuracy have you obtained out of this reamer? And are there any updated versions on it?

    Hi my name is tanner and live up here in Helena and I have a few questions about a Sherman imp. cartridge I am thinking about doing. Any chance I could give you a call or if you could call me? If so my number is4063902710. Thanks
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