Unicorn Hunting with Squirrel Rifles

Sounds like a great trip and two well made shots. I don’t have a problem with a spine shot. It makes for less tracking I have made that shot on more than one occasion myself. Great right up as well.
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I enjoyed the article and the fact that the OP stated that they had practiced long and hard at long distances to get ready for just such a hunt. Don't understand the criticism from other who have rated the article but you always have at least one in every crowd. Can't make everyone happy! Congrats...
Well done. A good team up. Two hunters two shots two elk! Sounds like you had alot of fun. What Im actually surprised at is how well you placed the shots. Well done!
Probably should have left the part out about spining the elk. This is a great example of guys who shouldn’t be taking 1100 yd shots at elk.
very well written, enjoyable story line, and fun details! thanks for sharing!