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  • Thanks! I have been in Central Oregon for 5 years now. It only took me 4 years to reply to your message!
    Yo winmag,

    I'm doing good. Been super busy getting ready for woofin'. Got me a mammoth jack, build me a saddle, got about 50 miles on him. Built a decker pack saddle and rigging. Got a mammoth jenny to pack. The jack is pure gold. The jenny is a bit flighty. We'll get alone though.

    Tuned up my grandson's 308 Mossberg youth rifle for a carry gun. Shoots 125 Noslers darn good. Rescoped it with a Vortex Diamond back 4-12 and calibrated the reticle to 300 yards. Built a scabbard for it to match the saddle.

    The pack donk will carry the 270 AM to the hides. Hope she doesn't run off….

    Weather is turning fallish, elk are bulging. I'll be headed into woof country in a couple of weeks.

    Oh, and successfully tested some 165 Matrix offerings in the 270 AM. Darn sweet. I'll be using WCs this season. Then will stock up on the Matrix.

    Bet thats more'n you wanted to hear. LOL

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