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  • Thank you Im going to work some up ...Berger sent me some info for 300 wby...Thanks again
    Sorry, I just noticed the mesage you sent just now. I see no problem with retumbo and the 180 in a WBY. The retumbo may be a little slow, but it certainly won't hurt anything. I am a big fan of RL 25 in the WBY. If you end up using light bullets, (165 - 180 class) you may even try RL22. I used that for years before they came out with retumbo and RL 25. Also, back then, I was on to the 180 class bullets. I now shoot 210 and bigger....much better down range performance, and I can use slowere powders.

    Again, sorry about taking so long to find this. I "trole" the benchrest sites this time of year. i come here more in the fall of the year....HUNTING SEASON!!!

    Tod Soeby
    Hello sorry to bother you but I need your experience if you don't mind?.. I'm reloading some bullets for my buddy's 300 wby and I load my 300 rum with 180 Berger & retumbo .. So I was going to work some loads up with same since I have all stuff but it sounds like I shouldn't .. He has a stock mark v and I don't want hurt his rifle.. Again sorry to bother you but it sounds like your the man for the 300 wby Thanks ,Don
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