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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7-300prc not 7prc

    Still available? Looking for a friend but I have been to the IBS 1000 yard nats in Georgia and spent some time in Southern Texas. 2 weeks away from the computer!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7-300prc not 7prc

    Where are you located?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7-300prc not 7prc

    Round count.
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    I have a good friend looking for something like this. would like to know a little more about...

    I have a good friend looking for something like this. would like to know a little more about it. Is there anything else, like dies, brass, load development details? Willing to pay extra. I am heading down to the IBS 1000 yard Nationals next week in Georgia and after heading over to San Antonio...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 28 Nosler

    PM inbound
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    7mm stw or 28 nosler?

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    King Custom Arms 7mm-300 win mag

    Can you fit loaded round in mag at FL, or do you need to seat them short?
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    338 edge max speed and pressure?

    99 gr RL33, 300 Berger, 33 inch Krieger 1-10 @ 2940. I see where people are running 97 H1000 with a 250!!! Now THAT seem like a lot. I hit Max with the 300 Berger at 93ish......and ran 91 at 2840 with one of my tubes. Got 6 firings on my Rem brass. Happy, Happy. Good stuff!!! Tod
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    338 Lapua RPR

    So rifle, rings, and mag(s) ? Only one Mag? Thread protector?
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    Shooting Steel

    At my range I have steel out to 1500 yards starting at 200 yards.. 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 12x24, 24x36, and 36x36. I also have a 36x36 as a sighter target at 600 and a 48 x 48 for my 1000 yard sighter for load development . All are 3/8TH AR 500. I let a few shoot out there and some sneak in...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sportsman Fulfillment # 450 Small Rifle Mag Primers and #41 5.56 Mil Spec Primers

    I still have over 5000 450's left....I am NOT going to buy just to have them. I have 2 years worth.....good enough!! BUT..... THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP. If anyone comes across some H4895 LETMEKNOW!! Tod
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    Crimping a 6.5 06 answer the OP's Question....... NO ....Don't bother. Tod