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  • Hey Rocky....the OUTDOORS TRADER an online site to sell guns in Canada just got FU__ED by Paypal too.....they are holding all his funds for 180DAYS because they sell firearms and firearm products.....class action suit?
    I think you should put three or four boxes in your baggage of 30 call and 338 and come on up to Alberta this fall and come hunting, quadding and fishing with me for a week and we'll figure out how I can become your Canada rep!
    As soon as we get the new shop running nicely we will be pursuing the Canada sales.
    How much are your sample packs. I have a 270wsm with 26" 1-9twist. I normally fun the 165 matrix. But wanted to try a lighter weight bullet for deer size game or bigger but mostly for my son that's 10 to be able to shoot it more. What would you recommend
    I didn't even know this spot existed. Evidently I have had others post stuff here before that I did not know about.

    The 126g Hammer Hunter would be the highest bc bullet that will stabilize in the 9" twist. Not sure if you are stretching the distance with this rifle or not. If for normal range hunting, under 400y, I would look at the Sledge Hammer line of bullets.
    With the 165vld I shot long-range and hunt. But for this it would be more for my son to use. What kinda Velocity do you think I would be looking at? 500 yards would be awesome if the bullet up to it. How would it be on black bear and elk size game? In case i want to use them also? Thanks for your time
    With the 126g Hammer Hunter I would expect 3400fps plus depending on the rifle.
    Hey Steve,

    I was just browsing your site and it says the 101gr 6mm is recommended for 1-7.25. Is this because lead is more dense than copper and therefore your bullets must be longer to reach the weight? I'm really thinking about ordering a few of your bullets but I couldn't shoot them for every trip out. Thanks.

    Any luck on the development of a 223 target bullet? If it was possible to get a g7 in the .320ish range that could be shot from a 6-6.5 twist, they would sell quick. There are allot of ftr shooters that have been looking for a bullet like this for a while. Berger only makes their 90's once a year, I bought 2k last April and have been out for 2 months, there are allot of us out here looking for an acceptable replacement.
    your opinion and evaluation by 5-point scale Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP EBR-2C Mrad?
    Thanks for the answer,
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