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  • I was just reading one of your old posts what do you think of the 300 norma improved what kind of performance are you getting out of it. I'm really interested in shooting 230he pills.
    Just telling folks what Ive heard from many people. Got no dog in this fight but all my info is from credible sources. Wow bet they dont allow tracer rounds there anymore huh?..:D Rayners is very nice, very approachable owners and shooters. Everyone is there to have fun and help each other. They have long range shoots once a month and you can rent out the range as well. Sched permitting.
    Im not defending TS but why would you post something about TV if you have never ben there yourself? TV has open range days where you can shoot from 100 yards to 1 mile. Great for a guy looking to get into long range. As for gun dealing with Tom I have no experience. I have my gun smith that I like to use. I was at Thunder Valley about 2 months ago when some guy was shooting tracer rounds out of a 50 bmg. He caught the 1000yard hill on fire and burt up a total of 50 acres of grass. The fire department was called and we barely got the fire put out before it burnt the neighbors field and potiently house and barn down. Have you shot a Raynors? I have never ben there whats the range like?
    Ive heard from a few people that have dealt directly with TS...said he was arrogant and snobbish when it came to the guns people brought out there..A few people saying that Id chalk upto a bad day but when more than a few say that its hard to ignore. Who knows maybe id get along with him fine, im a smart *** myself. :D
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