Spotting shots


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Jan 26, 2002
I've been reading all the old posts since I found this website a week ago. Something that suprised me was the use of spotting shots during big game hunting. Seems like a viable option for those really long range shots when distance and wind are unknown. Athough it's been mentioned a lot I haven't seen many details. Seems to me if the wind is in your face you could be pretty close and get away with it. But on a calm day how well does it work without spooking the game. Anybody have any real world stories to share?
I have been wondering this same thing. Do the spotting shots spook the game? How far away can the animal be without the shot spooking them?
There have been MANY posts on this question.

Just click on the left column and they will be in several of the informational posts.

No it does not spook the animal outside of 400 Yards and beyond. Sometimes much closer.

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OK, I give up. Where are all these posts? I did a search for "spotting shots" and didn't come up with much. Somebody please point me in the right direction.

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