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  • Oliver, I also want to build a 6.5x300 win mag....AKA by you as the 6.5 Voodoo! What exact dies did you use? I found a reamer I can rent to cut the barrel (30" Bartlein HV Varmint) I have.
    Oliver, I bought the Howa 1500 in 308 from Jeff Walker you worked the load up for.

    Any chance you remember the load data?

    Herman hermanharke at A ol dot com
    hey man its been some time since we last chat.just woundering if you still have the range finder.I too hope that you have been doing OK.
    Want to shoot some armored windows? I only have them a couple weeks before they go to be destroyed by more conventional means...
    Matt in Haymarket
    hey man been some time since we last chat.I have even sent you an E-mail.just hope something hasn't gone wronge John
    No I haven't recieved it. The website I have my email at has blocked it due to abuse, I have no idea what this is about and will call them this weekend. Could you send it to my other email? [email protected] ?

    Thanks for the help,
    Oliver Lottermann
    My name is John and I sent you a message about your post in the reloading room. Let me know if you did not get this and I can resend it through email, my email address is [email protected], just let me know, thanks

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