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  • Hey Broz, I do a lot of reading on this site but not a lot of posting. I have always valued your input on this forum. so I was hoping you could help me out. I have a 30-378 weatherby mark v (with your recommended load). I am looking to have this rifle rebarreled, bedded ect... I was hoping you could recommend a gunsmith, caliber and any other insite you may have. Thank you for your help. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thank you, Morgan
    hey broz, i watched a video of yours regarding measuring throat. you were doing it on a defensive edge 338 using that hornady set up. i was wondering, i have the defensive edge terminator, which has the fire formed shoulder. how would you measure that without that threaded primer hole, do you just get one and thread it yourself to use hornady's tool? thanks if you can answer, understand if you can't. kevin
    Hi, im needing some help with a 210 vld load. Im shooting a factory 700 police. Took yalls advice and got the H-1000. Where are you starting your load at? With bergers method im confused on where you settle out at charge weight or how you get there. Any help is greatly appreciated
    Did you ever do anything on how to use the silo? I just ordered one and just read the 24 pages on the sig2000. Thanks for the review

    I have not. I have had such good results with the HVLD and the Hybrids I have stuck with them
    I was looking over some forums and came across one where you posted several pictures of animals that you have harvested with berger vlds. I have used vlds for awhile with great success and recently have tried some classic hunters that shoot very well. I was curious if you have ever used them for hunting and if they prefore as well as the vlds.
    Broz, seems like every post I read on here your name pops up. I had a few questions regarding upgrading my 300 wm model 70 if you wouldn't mind. By the way looks like I'm just down the road from you.
    Broz, sounds like you are the 215 Berger God, LOL. My build: .300 WM, 28" Shilen #6 countour, break by Karl Kempfeld, spiral fluting by the same. Built on a Weatherby MK V action. Chambered by Karl also. My question is, before I the 215 Bergers, I was told to look at the 168gr class bullets. Shilen did the barrel in a 1/12" twist. Am I going to have problems getting a good long rang load with the 215 Bergers with this twist? I have H1000, Varget, 4350LC & Rotumbo powders to work with. Any suggestion would be a big help. I am a long to re-loader new to the .300 WM Long Range game. Thanks for you time when you have a chance. Griz.
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