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  • Yobuck, if you wouldn't mind shoot me a message sometime. I'd love to pick your brain about some of the old school long range shooting here in Central Pa. I'm from the Mifflintown area and have seen a few Hoyer guns sell at auctions around here lately. Digging and doing some research led me to believe you may have the info to some questions I have unanswered yet.
    Much appreciated.
    Let me know if you got a prior message about Hoyer.
    For some reason im having problems with messages lately.
    I did not. I also tried to comment earlier and it's not here. Email me?
    if my memory serves me your name is Ernie? this is Dave Wilson, we talked a few years back, i live in south central Pa. was wondering if you still have any ties in the keys? i'm headed down this winter, would like to go fishing a couple times, wondering if you had any recommendations. Dave
    Have fun over at Savage. Those kids are too dumb for me. You sir are a trooper lol. 3 hits outa 35 but I don't need no help.....you sir are right you are helpless.
    Well I got banned from hunting pa until dec 1st.. Timberdoodle is a Mod on a power trip.. Said I could not have my club name in my sig line.. And he kept deleating my posts on the hound forum. When I was inviting people to go hunting with me... Said that I had to pay to have my club name on the forum.. We are not a business just a group of boys and girls that run dogs.. Guys like him are the reason I quit posting on the forums
    Hi yobuck...
    I have just bought a pair of Swarovski el 10x50 swarovision.
    I look into the Zeiss victory rf bins, but found a lot of mixed feelings about the ranging system, and the general consensus was that the optics were no where near as good as the Swarovision el's.
    Over here in Australia, the price of range finder el's is scary.
    I got the El 10x50s for 2500.
    The el range finders are close to 4000!!
    I'm sure I could get a good pair of used el rf bins in the U.S at a reasonable price.
    I would like to keep the range finder and binoculars in one unit, I have heard that the rf el's don't have the same glass as the normal el's, doesn't sound right??
    Thank you for your help...
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