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    PA. Bear

    I believe you will find that the 9 day season only pertains to archery hunting in PA. Rifle hunting is 4 days, unless it’s been changed recently.
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    Besides the 6.5 prc

    Actually about 1500’, but also realize it’s actual data compiled by shooting, which is why i suggested the OP take his time and go watch as they are shot. Of coarse some variation is always possible, even between guns using the same cartridge. Fact is that though 1500 yds is a lot further than...
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    Besides the 6.5 prc

    There are lots of ideas, but very few good ones for shooting out to a mile. Especially if you enjoy hitting what your shooting at with any kind of consistency. To put things in a somewhat perspective frame, my old 30x378 with a 36” barrel sent 200 gr SMKs from the muzzle @3500 FPS. Again for...
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    Wind(s) for this shot

    Even the hollows on those hills could have a wind system in play in addition to what we see as the main sources. So far what were hearing is opinions, which is pretty much always the case with wind. Unless were just amusing ourselves, the best is to send a sighter shot and make your wind call...
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    Heavy winter fleece pants and jacket

    If they are as nice as the Woolrich bibs you sold me, somebody will be getting a nice outfit.
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    The decision isn’t actually tough. Because there much of any to be made based on your requirements.
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    You can run a 7x300 Wby with 162s at that speed also, and both the STW and Rum as well. Which again, is why the 6.5x300 Wby died years ago for long range hunting. And a 30x378 with 200 gr bullets at 3500 with a 36” barrel. Maybe even less barrel with some of the newer powder. BUT, velocity is...
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    You are correct, the 7x300 WBY is essentially a clone to an 8mm mag case necked down to 7mm, AKA 7mmSTW. Ive been using 7x300 wbys for about 50 years for l/r hunting in PA where at one time they were probably the most popular l/r cartridge there. That cartridge actually derailed the 6.5x300...
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    What's with all the off topic, uneducated, responses??

    It’s always been here, it’s just that there is now much more of it. But even in the olden days we might been been subject to long arguments over nothing but an opinion.
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    old guys and shooting

    Well, i only thought i had heard everything. Lol
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    old guys and shooting

    It’s all mind over matter, unless poor condition dictates what your limits are. Age varies considerably among various people. some I’ve known were always old, and others never admitted it even when they were. But when your kids start turning 60, it’s time to come to grips with reality.
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    Should I switch to MOA?

    Well it could depend wether you look upon a scope reticle as an aiming device or as a measuring device i suppose. But in either case i cant see where it matters much what type you have, but only in how you use it. The object is always to move a bullet hit from point A the hit, to point B which...
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    Cordless fillet knife

    Crappie is a Perch, same as a Walleye is, but I don’t mind if you have a preference. The same electric knife you carve the turkey with will also do well on fish. Assuming you have power of coarse. About 14 bucks at WalMart, only complaint i have is the cord is a little short.
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    33xc or 37xc

    You raise a valid point Yorke, but then what loading manual would be best for developing loads for some of these cartridges? I can tell you how i was advised to find my load. Do a ladder test over the crony in 1 grain increments till i got to a certain velocity, OR until the first sign of a...
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    33xc or 37xc

    Yes, he claims every one that has come into his shop has setback issues. Cant imagine why a man involved with Savage for so many years would make a thing like that up. Apparently it’s not a bolt issue, but the area supporting the bolt lugs he feels is the cause. But of coarse there were a few...