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  • Im working up a hunting load for a 30-378 with a 200 nosler partition and wc 872 powder any thing u can share with me....my rifle is a weatherby mark v ... cant seem to find any load info on this powder but have heard good things about it in other calibers....thanks Bob
    Hi Darryl,

    I really enjoy reading your posts on the Gibbs cartridges and have wanted to have one made for some time. I have a Remington 700 that used to be a "06" that I had made into a 375 Whelen. Killed a couple of deer and elk with it, but it never really fit to what I was looking for in the first place. Looking to get it made into a 30 Gibbs, instead of getting a 300 mag. If I remember correctly, you talked about having a 30 inch barrel on the gibbs to really make it shine, will a 26 do just as well? Also wondering if you could recommend a good gunsmith who works with making the Gibbs and has all the reamers since Ray Romain has passed. Thanks again and hope to get this project off the ground. Take care Jeff
    I ended up with a 30 gibbs with a mauser action after an uncle passed away. I just found a set of dies and am interested in any load info u could share as far as what is safe and performing the best. There was no ammo with it, but I have fireformed some 06 by accident since we were unaware that it was a gibbs. We have an 800 yard range below the house that has an occasional coyote that wanders thru and would love to hear about the long range loads that are best suited. WOuld maybe use this for an antelope trip that my uncle and I never got to go on. Thanx so much! Anyone else that could share info and reloading data/tips--- I would love to hear from u also regarding the 30 gibbs. Take care!
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