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  • Hello Sir,

    Hope all is well. I have been developing some loads and just talked to Jim See yesterday. Jim said he just shot two deer with some Berger Hybrids and they are NOT a good hunting bullet? Jim said about a 500 yrd shot and no expansion at all, pencil size exit hole on a doe he shot 3 x ?

    Have you any more kills with the Hybrids? What do you think? Are you still hunting whith them or have you switched to something NEW?

    All your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again , Chris.
    The 180 Hybrids are labeled "not for hunting" but I have had very good performance on game. I did loose an antelope buck this year with the bullet. It wasn't due to anything but my shot placement. I did find it the next morning and saw the bullet hit just above the spinal colum. It hit on a wing of the vertebre. the buck folded in his track at the shot, only to run off after I walked up towards him. I feel that it didn't matter if I hit him with a 338, the result would have been the same. I'm not aware of any other Hybrids in the works, except for the 195 7mm and the 170 in 270.
    Ryan, hope all is well? Received the 180 hybrids and have about 30 loaded to find a recipe!!!! Spoke with a tech. a Berger Bullets today and he was a bit "unaware" or un-educated on the new 195 gr. hybrid hunting bullet. Said there was a lot or request foe a hybrid hunting bullet and expects some variations of the hybrid to come out? Have you herd anything on the other configurations, IE 7mm 180 or 169 gr.? I have read your hunting report on the hybrid and was wondering if you have additional animal kills with it and so, how does it compare to the VLD's and there performance on game? The several deer I have shot with the VLD's all dropped in their tracks, simple awesome compared to a few others!

    Thanks - Regards and good shootin bro!
    I have shot antelope and deer with 168 VLDs, 162 Amax, and the 180 Hybrids. If you don't want to go with the 180s I would suggest shooting whatever bullet your rifle likes. Both the 168 VLDs and the 162 Amax will perform great on game. The Amax may be easier to develop a load because it's much less sensitive to seating depth, not to mention cheaper. The Amax creates a big hole with devistating results. I would be shooting them if I didn't try the Hybrids. I like the way the VLD and Amax perform, all energy is put into the animal instead of through it. My load for the Amax was 65.5 gr of H1000 .005 into the lands (3.017 COAL in my rifle) Exbal said I was getting 3057 fps from my drops. I didn't chrony this load either.
    Thanks for the information. I am somewhat concerned about the fps as I also have a Vortex scope and would like to work up an ultimate load to get a ballistic bullet drop turret for the Vortex. I know you stated you kinda tossed the crono but did you notice a "barrel speed up" after a hundred rounds or so? Any hunting reports for bullets? A-max etc... I have shot four bucks with the burger VLD out of my 7mm rem. mag and they all dropped. Examining the deer afterwords I never found large portions of the bullet, just small frags inside the chest cavity but lots of destruction. What, in your opinion, should I be looking for out of the 168 VLD for FPS? Also is the A-max Better? Jim seems to really like them? Any help is much valued. Be safe Brother.

    Dear Sir,

    Receintly purchased a 7mm SAUM from JiM See and am currently working up some loads, talked to Jim and he advised to view some of your posts. Anyway I am shooting a Brux Rem. Varmit Barrel Bourden Alpine action on top of a McMillan A-5.

    Worked up H1000 at 65.9 grains getting approx. 2898 to 2923.
    H4831 sc seems to be quite a bit slower; 60 grains right around 2773.

    Any experiance and sugestions with either, Jim advised the barrel will begin to speed up after a 100 rounds or so? I have approx 50 to 60 through it now. Did you have this happen to your barrel? If so, how much did it speed up?

    Any and all advise will be greatly used, Best Regards, Michigan Chris.
    hey jarhead i live in rapid city also and i would like to network with some local shooters/hunters. im realatively new to this but i have a lot of interest so let me know if you want to talk.
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