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  • G'day Magnum,
    Another Aussie here, were you ever on AHN, Curious where you are based & are you a gunsmith?
    Yeah I'm on AHN barely.
    I am an amateur 'smith, engine builder by trade. As of the end of this month, I will no longer hold a license to trade firearms, so no more 'smithing for me. Can't justify the cost and barrels are taking a minimum of 12 months to come in.
    RATZ!! Thought I had a line on my next barrel, only to find you're on the other side of the planet!
    That 6.5-284 barrel sounded exactly what I needed to shoot 1,000 matches!
    Keep em in the X ring!
    M the 338 win is a super rifle for alaska ,,,However the 375 ruger is a sure bet to kill anything o the earth; for the browns I woud user my 375 B W with a 270 gr bullet for inland i would use a 35 cal magnum or 338 win. Howerver a 300 win with a 200 nosler will do the same.
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