sending a gun to the smith


Jan 21, 2010
i have never sent a gun to a smith to be worked on so im curious what if any paperwork will i need to send my action to a gun smith or is it as simple as puting it in a box and away it goes? thanks for the info guys.
As long as you have already filled out the paperwork and it is "yours" just box it up and ship it to a smith and he can ship it back to you when he's done.

If you're buying an action and having it shipped to a smith he will need to ship it to an FFL holder for you to pick up and fill out the proper paperwork when he's done.

Insure it as custom machined parts and make sure somebody has to sign for it.
Good advice you've received. I would only emphasize to avoid anything in addressing the box if at all possible that would indicate a gun or gun for example To: John Doe versus John Doe Guns Inc.
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