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  • Lorenzo.
    I am in Utah also and followed your threads here of gunsmithing and I am grateful for you posting those, very interesting. The url listed on your signature does not work and I googled and got the same results. What do you charge for a muzzle brake job?

    Thanks for the e-mail and information. Fortunately, I'm not in a big hurry for the stock so I think the Manners will work out. It will be the beginning of March before I can start my upgrades. I was able to handle a HS stock yesterday. Nice, light and looked pretty rigid but the comb is set pretty low. McMillan definatley makes a premier stock but I'm still leaning towards the Manners. I'm in Sacramento so, not that close by but thanks for the offer.

    Tracy Asher
    Hey Grit

    I see you listed as a sponser, but no link to what your selling or providing, just curious. A little hint would be nice. I try to keep business in the family if you know what I mean.

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