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  • Hi Tim...Al here if your savage stock isn't spoken for could you send with the savage barrel 6.5 cm 26".....I'm buying...Al
    Is the Benefit Custom Rifle Raffle still going on? I just saw the post about it.
    It is not finalized yet but I think all the tickets are sold.
    Hi Timnterra:

    I just saw your post about getting into long range pistol shooting. I have a 7mm International with 200 ram head stamp cases (many brand new) and Redding dies. Original iron sights, and a scope on it. Good condition.

    My question -- any web sites where I might post this to see if there's any interest?

    Fred LaSor (epoletna)
    Hi, very interested in your Borden 7mm wsm, please call me at 860 508 3901 Jim
    I'm possibly interested in this rifle. Are you the original owner ? Can you take a picture of the barrel channel so I can see the gap with the current barrel.
    Hey tim..interested in your rifle...email me 2gfcalifano @gmail.com...berger only ammo u used?
    Bill I'm sorry but it is going to be tomorrow before I can ship the barrel because the gunsmith doesn't work on Mondays and I don't have a barrel nut wrench. But I will message you with delivery conformation as soon as I ship it. Thanks Tim
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