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Jul 25, 2019
Feb 15, 2009
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Jul 25, 2019
    1. winmag
      CHAS1 its been almost an entire year since Ive hered from you. Where the heck did you go??
    2. winmag
      Howdy Chas.
      Been entirely way too long since Ive read any of your posts. Did Kirby ever finnish your rifle? Have you shot it yet?
      I rarely post anymore, but I still try to keep up with my pals. Hope your doin well
    3. winmag
      Hey Chas, you ok? The hurricane didnt blow you away did it? Geez you been gona a while! Now Royinidaho leaves a thread saying hell be gone for a year and a half...... WHERE DID ALL MY BUDDYS GO???
    4. roaddog1m
      Hey there, how's it going? Been working and shooting a lot. Today was Dove season opener. I killed 7 of them and then came home to cook a steak over a wood fire. Thawing out an Elk roast tonight. Going to throw it in the crock pot tomorrow. Sorry I haven't checked in with you guys lately. I'll try to be better about it. I miss our conversations.
    5. winmag
      Wow,seeing the places youve been Id be more concerned about being on each end and in the middle of ''oh sh%# alley" durring storm season. Never in my life have I seen rain like I did in the south! and colors on the ''dopler'' Ive never seen nor want to see again!...... although 76 deg this time of year is tempting.
      The reason I asked is I thought you sounded alot like a buddy I had in college. Cool guy, always polite and helpfull. But he's living in Oregon still so that means your not the guy I know.
      I appreciate the way you write though.
    6. Chas1
      Originally New York Lived there for 27 years, as well as Texas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, and now in Florida-current temp 76 degrees:) I don't like the cold.
    7. winmag
      Hey chas1, what state are you from?
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