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  • Howdy Chas.
    Been entirely way too long since Ive read any of your posts. Did Kirby ever finnish your rifle? Have you shot it yet?
    I rarely post anymore, but I still try to keep up with my pals. Hope your doin well
    Hey Chas, you ok? The hurricane didnt blow you away did it? Geez you been gona a while! Now Royinidaho leaves a thread saying hell be gone for a year and a half...... WHERE DID ALL MY BUDDYS GO???
    Hey there, how's it going? Been working and shooting a lot. Today was Dove season opener. I killed 7 of them and then came home to cook a steak over a wood fire. Thawing out an Elk roast tonight. Going to throw it in the crock pot tomorrow. Sorry I haven't checked in with you guys lately. I'll try to be better about it. I miss our conversations.
    Wow,seeing the places youve been Id be more concerned about being on each end and in the middle of ''oh sh%# alley" durring storm season. Never in my life have I seen rain like I did in the south! and colors on the ''dopler'' Ive never seen nor want to see again!...... although 76 deg this time of year is tempting.
    The reason I asked is I thought you sounded alot like a buddy I had in college. Cool guy, always polite and helpfull. But he's living in Oregon still so that means your not the guy I know.
    I appreciate the way you write though.
    Originally New York Lived there for 27 years, as well as Texas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, and now in Florida-current temp 76 degrees:)...man I don't like the cold.
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