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    Hammer bullets barrel life

    I use 300gr Berger bullet @ 3000 fps so can't say
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    Aftermarket Triggers

    Jewell benchrest trigger.
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    Best Beam Scale

    Redding Master #2 scale.
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    Quick question, root cause of 2 + 1 groups?

    Since it's a hunting rig I'd move on and not worry about it.
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    6.5 prc issue (SOLVED)

    glad it's solved.
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    christensen arms ridgeline, I need help.

    Send it back and either fix it or get a refund.
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    Dirtbags steal deer head in Wy.

    Low lifes
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    Powder Alert!

    Crazy prices, lately all I've been shooting is 22's and 38's @ 4.8 grs of powder.
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    Bullet for elk hunting.

    I like heavy, I'd go 150's
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    Runnig moose shoot?

    Totally agree.
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    Limited Entry Utah Bull @ 834 yards.

    Congratulations !!!
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    A loooong shot !