Tape the end of your barrel !


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May 11, 2009
Watching a hunting program and noticed the guy
had tape on the end of barrel to prevent dirt, rain
etc. Wouldn't that effect the accuracy or presure somewhat? Does anyone do this?

Makes no sence to me.......
Lots of hunters do that. Unless you wrap the whole roll of tape around your muzzle it won't have any impact.

But it will keep dirt, rain, and twigs from getting into your barrel or chamber.

I was black bear hunting with my buddy once and when he went to chamber a cartridge he couldn't close the bolt. We'd been busting through some alders. A small piece of twig had dropped down the muzzle and was lodged in the chamber.

I always tape. When I chamber my rounds, the bolt always closes. lightbulb
I use small balloons.


I like them for black powder also (Even if it's not raining it helps keep the powder dry
in hi humidity. And if you cant find cheep balloons a condom will work but be prepaired
for some harassing by other camp mates.

A small water baloon would be a good idea. Think alot of folks with muzzle brakes do that. I've just used one strip of electrical tape with one end folded over on the left side so that I can reach up with my left hand and pull it off quickly if I'm concerned about precision and the impact the electrical tape may or may not have for a long range shot--1/2 second and the tape is off.

Have heard of way too many stories of lost chances on game, etc. or dangerous situations due to debris making it into the barrel not to find some way to cover the muzzle. Shot an elk at 60yds last year and a muley at 100 this year with the tape on--both dead one shot. Elk from 2 seasons ago was a prone, dial the turret shot (for me at 450yds) and the tape came off for that one. Just my experience.
I take the tape off if I have the luxury of time. No big deal.

If not, I blow it free, muzzle brake and all. I have yet to have anyone document that two wraps of 3M electrical tape affects their group size or POI at any range.
I can almost hear the cashier now.........

" Man needs extra small condom's check out counter #3."

No thanks, I'll go with the ballon's :D
Well thats just great. Now, after reading this post I need to verify my trajectory with a ballon on my barrel.
The tape will blow off before the bullet ever gets there.

They make small muzzle covers and sell them in the Black Powder section of your sporting goods stores. I have used them ... they work great. They are black and slightly shorter than a standard balloon.
I have used electrical tape and it works fine, but I have used balloons for more than 20 yrs now. The balloons work great. The 7" balloons work best with heavier barrels and muzzle breaks.
I started using electrical tape on my muzzle last year after the year prior I was getting snow in the barrel which would melt and freeze. Totally unsafe condition, not to mention numerous other times I would get dirt, twigs or other debris in my muzzle. Quite a few rifle muzzles have been blown apart in the field because of this.

Electrical tape on your muzzle will not affect your accuracy. The tape will be blown off before the bullet gets to it. Take your rifle to the range and try it I wrap a piece right over the muzzle opening then another peice arounnd the that piece. I shot 2 antelope and a cow elk through taped muzzles last year.

I think it makes total sense.

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Common pratice over here in NZ,try it.

Im surprise "muzzle baloons" or "Muzzledoms" or even "muzzle tape" has'nt been marketed yet! Surprising that nearly every other *** has been, and this pratice acuatually works well and is safe :rolleyes:

Damit there goes another millon dollar idea again!!!

Hmmm "patent pending" on tape or even condoms **** aye now theres a legal minefield for some lucky lawer.$$$$$$$

BTW, maybe some clever cookie could post how much PSI there is before the bullet reaches the muzzle. I think even the highest quality tape put on by Chuck Norris wouldnt hold on! :D

Regards 300WSMMAD
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