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    1. Iggy1651
      Hey, I am looking to purchase a new 22lr for around $200. I am looking for a reliable one that can drop a rabbit or turkey with no problem at 150+ yards. I am currently looking at the marlin 22xt. I prefer bolt action. I have already purchased a simmons 3-9x/40mm simmons scope. Any suggestions? Thank you!
    2. JIsbell40
      Hey man, I have been shooting a 7rum for a little while now. My favorite hunting load is a 162 SST, 85.5 gr rl23, Norma brass, 215 primers. I'm getting muzzle velocity of 3380 fps in average from a 26" factory tube. This is 1/-2 3/4 moa out to 500 depending on the day. I was wondering what speeds you could get from an STW in a similar barrel length? I am curious as to what I should rebarrel to in the future. I have a 338 edge in the works, so this rifle is mainly my cover 700 yard deer rifle and still be light enough to carry . Thank you!
    3. Oldschool280
      Hey mud, what do you think is the heaviest or longest bullet i can shoot in a 1-9.5 twist 7mm mag while maintaining stability? The goal is a rig that'l kill hogs deer and antelope ant 700 plus
    4. tony m
      tony m
      Hi-Thanks for the info/will look it up.Most 25's shoot well in my experience.Have not tried AI though.
    5. dads300winmag
      hey mudrunner im new to this lrh hunting and wounder would the VLD's be the best for deer from 100 to 600yds?.and any idea where i can buy them i was dealing with chad from dallas reloads but he has screwed me big time and i cant reload.again thank you for your help/input on this Adam
    6. Dick Tinsley
      Dick Tinsley
      I'll do what I can!! Thanks!!
    7. Dick Tinsley
      Dick Tinsley
      Mud runner!
      I'll do what I can!! Lol!! Might need your help again!!
      Serious! Send me a email, I have a hard time downloading on this damn phone!
      Take Care! Thanks Again!

    8. roninflag
      Mud- i can't see where you are. neither rifles are for sale. one is stainless fluted krieger. it started life as a 300wm in W.V. . one is blued ; i actually got from texas for 480 shipped with scope mounts , a scope that did not work and a soft gun case . For many years a 257 mk 5 was my dream rifle; either a nice dark figured walnut or mesquite. i have a sako 6ppc repeater it has satisfied that dream. enjoy . ron
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