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  • Greg,
    I'll take that RE22 off your hands if you still have it. No need to ship, I'm in Carson City and can pick it up this weekend if that's ok with you.
    Gary Manley
    (775) 246-1425
    Greg- i talked my a couple friends to put in for cow elk . the wife had never shot a gun. she shot some 60 grainers in practice. no problem. we saw a lot of elk . she got a 90 yard broadside shot on a small cow. shot it in the flank. the elk took about 5 steps. stood behind a juniper for minute or two then laid down. walked over shot the elk in the neck. not any fault of the gun or bullet . and she bagged one her first time ( ontime). one of the other guys shot one also with a .243 . ron
    Marge and Larry Cawelti...................not sure about the spelling of their last name......... They owned the little store just north of Carmen the west side of the road................We will be up there in November before Thanksgiving.

    Gregg, who are your wife's parents? I'm form the Salmon area and know quite a few folks in the Carmen Creek drainage. McFarland's and Smiths are all close friends.

    Mike Taylor
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