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  • Thanks Ron for the info. Yes it is brand new so I have some work to do. I am in North Phoenix. I was looking at the HSM ammo. I will look into the Matchkings as well. The gun has the X mark trigger. I read a lot of negative stuff about them. I have a Timney calvin elite trigger on my 7mm and have really liked it.
    yes thanks for the info I cant deal with U S A CANADA ONLY
    Dan- what part of AZ are you in?? the sendero is a great rifle. is yours new? a lot of the factory triggers can be real good. i shot federal factory 180 tsx , i got it free, into .18" . however i do not use barnes bullets. my 300 sendero had a vais and a jewell trigger. the vais was more important of those two. i shot 210 berger handloads. i never shot any other factory ammo. for accuracy, a load with a berger bullet for sure. HSM and others load them. also i do not use matchkings for hunting but they are accurate. fed gold medal match and other match ammo should be accurate. i deleted some stuff on CW too thanks. enjoy. ron
    Reading through post on this forum and the long Range forum I see that you are very knowledgeable about the Senderos. My wife and kids have just purchased me a Sendero 300 Win Mag for my 50th Birthday. I have wanted one for a few years.
    My question is from your experience what is the best factory bullet you have found for the 300 win mag? I have not started reloading and will not be able anytime soon. So I would like to find the best Factory load and Grain I can get.
    I have a Remington 700 7mm Rem mag with few modifications that I have shot for about 17 and it shoots Federal premium 150 Grain NBT very well.
    I think with the 300 I should be up in the 185 grain area are more, what are your thoughts.
    It will be a while before I have it all set up, but plan to put a timney trigger on it and have a muzzle break installed.
    Thanks for any advice on the Senderos.

    Dan (hunterdan)

    I tried to send this to you on Coueswhitetail But I think your inbox was full. I am here in Arizona as well
    Ron, Was that white wolf you killed a male or female? They claim most white ones here are female. Did you see more up there? What color?
    Ron the one supergrade I owned was Just under 7lbs. I'll have to see if I can weigh my lw 300wm M70 stainless classic. With that cheap plastic stock It's probably about the same.

    My heavy is the one I bought from Beans, it's over 15lbs. Even as busted up as I am I don't find my senderos to be too bad, they are all between 11.5 and 12lbs depending on what scope and rings I' have on them.

    My only point is that it's all relative to what you are used to.
    Hey Ron,
    How are doing,I read your last response and I tend to agree from what I have been reading.
    I think I will get a decent Nikon Monarch scope 5-25x50mm and start having some fun. And also learn alot.
    In the meantime I will be readingand talking with as many people as possible, including yourself if that is OK.
    Again Ronthanks for your help.
    And yes. We get quality, big coyotes. If you look through my posts you can see a dark phase one I shot last year. This year I'll be doing a couple eastern MT hunts for light phase dogs. I can't wait for the snow!
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