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  • Great looking Sable. Where did you get that one, we just took 2 real nice ones in the Free State back in Aug 2021. That ranch had a really strong Sable breeding program and was loaded with 40+ inchers.
    curious what velocity you were getting with teh 150 pergenines. I am wondering if my chrono is off. i averaged 3180 with 80 grains and was around .3 of an inch at about the same mabye .5' with 81 grains and was only 3220. with that said due to my brake i just added had the chrono at about 14'. that was with h1000. these bullets show serioud promise need to try them on a critter hopefully. thanks

    EX I've got a couple of hundred rounds through each of the two .260's. The Rem is the better shooter consistently but both will hold MOA with a multitude of different bullets and loads.
    I saw you recently purchased one of these rifles.(Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW special edition in .260)
    I'm looking at the same exact rifle for my Wife. I too was looking at that Remington Model 700 5-R Series Gen 2 rifles also in 260 rem. but was wondering if it would be a nicer rifle than the Ruger?

    I like the lighter weight of the Ruger rifle.

    Have you had a chance to shoot it yet? Any info you have on that new Ruger rifle would really be appreciated. I can't find much info on it.
    Hello sir, I am sending a 26 nosler 140 vldh to JGS reaters to have a reamer built around that bullet. I have followed your posts on the round and wanted to ask if you load the 140 berger vld hunting for it. if you do, I am curious if your chamber is saami spec or if it is custom throated? if is Saami can you please tell me a rough tip to tip meabutment of where it hits the lands. Any ideas for would be appreciated. Thank you. my number is 208 770 0736 if you would rather talk or text. thanks again.

    I just sent you a message to buy 2 boxes of the bergers 168 grain #28501 for $40 a piece...shipped. Let me know payment info..

    If you will take $140 for all 4 boxes shipped I will take that also.
    Either way let me know payment in for the 2 or 4 boxes.
    Ship to
    Mike Hudgins
    4749 Terquay Court
    Suwanee GA 30024
    678-458-9630 cell
    Geo I'll keep watching them. I have one neighbor that not only doesn't mind me shooting his, he keeps reminding me I'm welcome. Where they are right now they guy is just a complete jackass.

    If however I can get them over to my place or the "good neighbor" I'll definitely let you know.
    My brother is setting up another thermal hunt after deer season. The key is to have plenty of fresh places to hunt that have plenty of feed. If you think you and your neighbors and maybe your friend with the 1000 acres would like to hunt with us on their place one or two nights I will ask my brother. We can take turns with our ar's with the thermals and they can keep us safe by telling us wheather or not we can shoot in whatever direction. PM what you think.
    Thanks for the heads up. Left out the 0 on m40.
    How the heck do you edit, can't seem to locate the edit button?
    I know this is a personal preference question, however, your input is always appreciated. I am thinking about an AR. What caliber 308 or 6.5?
    Hi this is Jon (Hicks) asking about that Vari-X 1.5-14. How much and do you have any pictures? Thanks for your time

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