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  • Bill, I don't shoot the VLD's anymore, too many problems and too temperamental for my taste. Mario shoots them in his 7mm STW's so you might consider shooting him a message and get his opinion.

    I'm shooting the Peregrine VRG3 rangemaster to great effect and I'm starting to experiment with their New VLR-4 in the STW and 300 Rum and I'm really impressed with them. They fly well, hit hard, expand every time and in both my .260's, 7mm STW, 300 Rum, and 300 Win's I"ve been really pleased with both versions of their bullets. Hope this helps. If you wanted to try a few I'd be happy to send you some.

    I'm not their factory rep but, I have a deal with them to send me bullets I can give to you guys to try.

    All the best. WR
    Hi thanks, for the reply, seems like the only time i get to shoot is on the weekends. I think i will give u a call in a day or so and we can talk about what i need to do ,thanks again .
    re: Leupold Mark IV 4.5-14 x 50

    Which reticle and how much? I just missed a scope deal on a Leup 5.6x20 for $ 600 + shipping. So I am still looking around.
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