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    1. cal74
      actually weights (not ways) ;)
    2. cal74
      Sorry for the delay, didn't have an e-mail that I had an e-mail and wasn't online last night when I got home. This actually ways about the same 6.4 lbs scoped, but with that said I have a Kimber Montana 280 ackley that also weighs the same or pretty dang close (so basically like your Forbes) and I think it kicks quite a bit less, not so much of a snap to it. I would rather not sell it, but I haven't touched it other than a yearly cleaning in four years. I now live in a shotgun zone and get up to Northern, MN once a year where I grab my model 7 7mm08, just because with it's shorter stock/action/barrel it's just a wee bit handier in the tight confines of the blind I typically hunt out of. My 280 Montana doesn't see much use either, but something has to go. Feel free to visit with me here, or [email protected] mail com or if you'd like to call (605) 690-4115 Thanks for your interest, Cal
    3. dyllan78
      I am interested in the Forbes. Which model is it?
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