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    1. wbm
      Just a thought Brent. If you want a heavy 243 barrel for a build this one will do you well. However, I would not recommend that you buy this barrel just out of hand. If I know what you are wanting to build and I thought this barrel would not be a good choice I would tell you that. I'm an old 71 year old retired Marine with lots of years of shooting experience and I enjoy steering younger shooters in the right direction.

      Bill Murray
      Ramah, New Mexico
    2. carpetman2
      Brent, I guess I don't have any pictiney or weaver 30mm rings. If you have a set you want to sell me call me @ 208-983-7664. I am going to try and hit Cabela's before we go to dinner with my Nephew and then go to your house, so let me know if you do have a set to sell. Chris
    3. BrentM
      JoeS1044, sorry for a late response. I have taken a break from the forums. I shoot a 6.5-284.
    4. JoeS1044
      What kind of 6.5 do you shoot?
    5. BrentM
      I just got back in town from the latest elk hunt. We book hunts through Outdoors international and via word of mouth. If you would like to talk to the outfitter direct his name is Kris Keller. Cell 208-703-4008 and home is 208-424-8226. He is a bear hunt right now but will be back by the end of the week.
    6. Nobody

      I'm interested in a wolf hunt. Do you have a website I can look at or can you send me some documentation?

      Many thanks,

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