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  • Thanks for your response to my “manuals” post. An aside question - what source do you use for beginning loads for wildcat cartridges?
    J E Custom
    I normally start with the parent case loads and use the increase in case capacity to find a starting loads Based on the design.

    It sounds simple, but you have to stay away from Squib loads. Often I will use a lighter bullet with the powder charge for heavier bullets to hold pressures down. I consider 90% case density a good starting point.

    Hello, not trying to bug you or anything, just wanted to tell you I have learned the most from you on the forum by far. You explain things in a way that's easy to understand. I came to forum for reloading and shooting knowledge / information and many know quite a lot on here, but few can impart it to others....You can. Thanks Dave
    J E Custom
    Thanks, !
    I see many post that people just state that It is "The only way" or It is not necessary, and don't give an explanation of why.
    I just try to explain why I do things the way I do so people can at least see the reasoning why and chose the method they like.

    If some think I'm crazy, Ok, It is what has worked best for me.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

    Good Morning Sir, I saw that you rebarreled a micro medallion in 22 hornet. What barrel did you use for that? I have one that needs the same treatment. Thanks
    JE, I saw you posting on the 460 S&W round, did you come up with a round you liked? What barrel length are you using? An odd question, could a 460 S&w be built on a remington short action?
    J E Custom
    I ended up liking the 250 ftx and the 300 grain XTP Magnum For the 454 Casull. Both are .452 diameter and for higher velocity.

    My 460 rifle Is built on a short action 700 Remington and has a 1 in 15 twist Lilja barrel. It is also a single shot.

    The barrel is 22" and will produce an amazing 2900 ft/sec+ with the 200 grain factory Hornady loads. (I have yet to chronograph the 250 and 300 grain loads )

    I thought a 460 case wouldn't eject? I may try it in an Encore, 22" huh. Is that max in your opinion? I'd think a 45-70 would beat it in a rifle?
    J E Custom
    The Encore is the easiest way to go and i plane to build one on an encore with a 26" barrel to find the maximum velocity

    Factory loads won't/cant compete because of the older rifles they load for but loaded for/in the modern rifles the only limitation is the case strength it's self.

    I don't think that they will stand the 55,000 to 60,000 Psi that the 460 is designed for so all the votes are not in yet.

    Hello Sir,
    I am attempting load development using the Low Es/SD numbers first, then will shoot for groups while adjusting seating depth. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at my first set of data from over the weekend and verify that my next loads to try are on par with what you see as well.
    Thank you very much. If willing, I can email or text information to you. Whatever is easiest for you.
    Hi Sir
    I thought i would ask a question here as to not fuel anymore fires. I am looking at going to a Redding type s die for my 7RM. Would that be your choice? I have both RCBS and Hornady dies but want only the best for this rifle (within reason) i have been annealing the necks after each firing but still full length sizing. It is a Remington action that was built by Shawn Tomason PTG bolt and a Hart 1in 9 barrel.
    J E Custom
    I really Like the Redding bushing dies but be sure to get there bushing and not some other brand to get the best fit in their dies

    I have some Hornady bushing dies also but think the Redding's are better, The only thing that I have that Is as good or better is custom dies for my wildcats

    Thank You,
    JE, what is better for accuracy and longest distance with accuracy. 45-70, 450 Marlin, 460 S&W, 500 s&W. I saw some guys shooting 500 out to 600 yards but no accuracy!
    you may be the man to lead me into temptation.
    I am curious, of all brakes out there are you versed with the front ported brake
    I have a shilen barrel that is chambered for .260
    The shilen barrel is going to be installed on a Remington action and rechambered to a 65/284 norma....
    Hey buddy.....could you give me a good recipe for the 338 RCM 225 gr Accubond? Pushing them through a 24 Inch +brake Schneider barrel.
    I'm looking to restock my M77 Hawkeye .338 Wm. At present the action rest in a Pillar bedded Hogue but I feel it is not stabilizing the barreled action and flexing when fired. I was thinking of a laminated wood stock ( Boyds ) and then glass bed it.
    Would this be better then what I already have?
    The Remington action is My first choice as far as quality, strength and cost. There are so many aftermarket parts that almost anything can be added to it. If you have a donor, it is just a simple re barrel job. everything else can be used.

    If you don't get tricky. and stay with SAAME throat dimensions, Mag length is not a problem and great accuracy can be achieved.
    Looking to build a 338 rum or edge. Is a remington donor action the best to build on? Do you do the blueprinting on the action? As far as a donor action, do I have to stick with one of the factory RUM actions? I want do it as reasonable as possible without having to buy a bunch of extras like bottom metal, trigger housing, etc.
    I definitely would use a Remington over an any action.
    Hi Jerry
    What kind of velocity did u manage out of your 30-378 and with what loads?
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