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  • Did you end up getting the three actions and barrels melonited? If so, have you been happy with it and who did you go through? Thanks
    Hey Mark,
    Got that 7 STW, been shooting it, and that thing just flat out shoots. I'm getting consistent 1/4 to 1/2 MOA at 200 yds. My groups are getting smaller and more consistent every time out. I had to work on my technique, consistency, and concentration. Dont think it could get much better than what I'm getting now.
    Gonna go out and try at long range this weekend with a guy from this site thats been into long range for awhile now.
    Just thought I'd let you know whats going on in my world right now. I'm loving that STW.

    Nosler brass
    215 primers
    81 grains Viht N570
    180 Berger VLD's

    The RUM I'll get back on soon. Still a little more work to do with that. I think I'll try the N570, and kiss the lands with VLD's. Still haven't gotten any more Retumbo, but I've got 5 lb. of N 570. Think I'll put a brake on it too. I think lessening the recoil will help with group size on that RUM. I'm only 155 lb, and that aint much to anchor that RUM.
    I'll let you know.

    Hi Mark,
    Finally got out to shoot amidst wedding preparations.
    Missed two easy shots under 150 yds. at a whitetail last year with my Rem 700 in 6 mm.
    I had to rope myself down a steep grade that morning to get to my ladder stand, made the mistake of slinging my rifle over a soft backpack. My VX 3 got very tangled up in the strap of the pack and I had to muscle it off. I got out to check the zero and the rifle shot 7 inches high and three inches left off an original one inch high zero. I remember I had cleaned the rifle after the season and had not fouled the barrel. I also remembered your post about barrel fouling, and traditionally, 4-5 shots do the trick with my 6mm. with usual impact printing shots 3-4 inches high from left to zero. I tweaked the settings twice in 7 shots and 8 and nine made a ragged hole. I guess I'll never really know if my misses were just shooter error. Probably, it was a nice buck.
    Hope you are well,
    Sir, I am interested in building a 300rum on a howa action, I read an old post of you talkig if the same thing. Did you ever get anything worked out on how and where to do this? Thanks for any help.
    Hey Mark, got another question for ya on the 300 rum. Shooting an A-max at 3150 fps. Not a hot load but warm, the primers edges are still rounded not sharp. Backing up if you remember I was shooting the 168 TSX at 3730 fps. Shot about 75 of these then got smart and went to the A-max. 18 inch plate at 1000 yrds was actually easy, even the 1300 was not too bad with about 50% hits on an 12"x14" plate. last three times i have went out I cant even get close to the 1000 yard plate. Have a steel ram at 645 and Im struggling to hit that. could my throat be toast? I have 75 168s and 250 of the 208s through it. The rifle been cleaned and no copper after cleaning. I am getting a carbon ring around the neck of my cases now and wasn't before. even went to new cases and still throwing them all over the place. 96 grns retumbo, CCI 250 Mag, 208 A-max. have an idea i could try before i send the gun to Kirby or Shawn for a new tube and if I do that I think its gonna be an edge.
    I read alot of you posts about different things and you seem to be one of the more knowledgeable people so I decided to send you a message with a question. I am looking to start a build of a 6.5x284, do you have any reccomendations a what kind of action to get? I am thinking a quality used one. do you have any ideas? thanks
    Thanks for the advice on the stocks next is the quest for a long range scope , looking at the greybulls set up the gun shoots very good.
    Thanks for the info the string part should get me pretty close because i have a decent eye for looking down the barrel to boresight. I boresighted my new deer rifle last night using my neighbors mercury light a a reference and today my groups were 4" high at 200 yards perfect left and right. I appreciate your time to write that down for me I'm going to save the post and try it tomorrow. It will probably bother my neighbor though since it's 5 days to rifle deer. Thanks again.
    Morning, I have had a 280 ack build this past year by a good friend of mine out of Horseshoe bend, ID Tony Fanelli and need some advice on a fine stock. The gun is a rem 700 #6 barrel (lilja) and shoots key holes our better if the shooter does his job (ME).I Have looked at the HS stcks and the new Greybull stocks Thanks for your input, now its coyote time.
    I was reading one of your posts regarding the 25-06 and different powders. I have had good success with RL 22, RL 25. Groups have been tight and velocities excellent
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