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    Sounds great Chris! Keep us posted
    Cerwin, my lessons are free to others. I got trained on all this stuff from several Nat'l Champs and other top level shooters.

    Besides, I spent 22 years in the US Navy working on, managing folks doing so and conducting training classes in large arms marksmanship; shipboard guns' and guided missiles' controlling and shooting radar-computer systems. They're just like small arms marksmanship with rifles and handguns. Stick to the simple stuff and avoid all the fluff.
    I shoot a custom 338 rum and a 7 rem mag. I mostly hunt elk, antelope and deer. Have a small group of us that got into long range about 4 yrs ago so we always swap stories and look at our techniques to try to push the limits of our guns. I have gone out to over 1000 yds but holpefully this year can get out to 1200-1500 but that is limited to my range finder. I llive in windsor so the area i shoot at takes me about 45 minutes to get there.
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