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  • Hey buddy, hows school goin?
    Are you close to takin on a project or two? Ive got a closte full of Winchesters callin your name whenever your ready. Im trying to be patient, cause Id like you to do them for me. Lemme know if your still interested, and if not could you recomend anyone "Oregon local"? I dont mind shipping to Colorado if your doin them, but Id just as soon keep my $ in Oregon if I can, and better yet Eastern Oregon if possible, as I still consider that home, and lord knows the economy there could use the business.
    TJ Ewing
    Where you at in Eastern Oregon? Just curious, as I miss home, and was wondering if you knew any of the same folks I do.
    As far as I'm concerned he's the best there is. His work, customer service and support is second to none.

    I would say that from the date you started working with him and put down a deposit and started ordering parts to the finished gun would run around a year. If all of the parts were on hand then the time would be cut down. He will work with you and explain anything and everything.

    I don't know much about the 6.5 AM, but you could use the search feature to see what you could find. Barrel life with any of his magnums will be dependent on how hot the load and how you treat the barrel. I believe most of his magnums should produce excellent hunting accuracy up to and beyond 1000 rounds. Typically the smaller bores will be harder on a barrel than the big bore magnums.
    re: what action?

    Glad you think I'm knowledgable, but there are a lot of guys more knowledgable than me :)

    As far as which action.... there will likely be a number of opinions on that. For used (non-custom), my favorite is probably the Sako, however, there are a limited number of aftermarket options for them in bases/rings and stocks. But you can get some good ones. After that, I would go with Howa or a Vanguard (Howa made) or a Rem 700. the Rem has the most aftermarket options and is a good tough action. IMO, the Howas and Vanguards are probably slightly better than the 700 and have a good number of options available to them. any bases and rings that fit a Rem 77 will fit the Howa.

    Have fun with your project :)

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