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    Closest kill with a bow

    Shot a Bear at 8 yards a few years ago.
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    Long Range Bow Tuning

    Group tuning mentioned above is great advice. Paper tuning in effect takes a photograph of arrow flight at a single point on the flight of the arrow. This presents a great starting point, but it is only that a starting place. When tuning my bows I start with paper and tune to a 1/4" nock high...
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    Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

    While it is very possible to make the long shots over 100 yds, it is just questionable about whether or not it should be taken given a number of variables. As to whether the pros are the best shooters in the world, I have no question in my mind that they are. For one you said the best of a...
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    Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

    This is a good post. I have shot a lot of Tournament archery and know Dan who is one of the best shooters in the world. I have shot elk out to seventy yards, because it was a wide open shot and the target was plenty big. With a tournament set up, not a hunting rig, I can hold 8-10 inch groups...
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    New bow

    If you are shooting all three in the same group, then you are tuned very well and should be good to go. What kind of broadheads are you using?
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    New bow

    Very different bows. I like the Z7 because of the extra weight and greater stability. Just an easier bow to shoot because of the weight. Both can be just as accurate.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fishing gear FS

    how much for the vise?
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    what is your favorite LR broadhead?

    Slick trick broadheads, are easily the best shooting fixed blade broadhead for accuracy and they leave blood trails you can drive a truck down! After tuning broadheads in a proshop for the last 4 years, these have been the most consistent and easiest to tune out of a variety of setups! One of...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts 30-338 lm imp

    can't believe no one has jumped on this yet!
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    rem 700 titanium action

    shawn carlock is building one of his custom rifle packages on this action. He would be a good one to talk to about it. If he is building custom rifles on this action I doubt there is much of an issue with its accuracy, but it would be worth a chat with him about it.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fishing gear FS

    do you have any rio lines and backing?? if so which lines and weights?
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    fall bears in Arizona

    Rifle tags for bulls in this area are not OTC only spikes are OTC. The bulls in Northeast OR can get close to what they have in Colorado, but they are not as prevelant and the tags for those areas are very difficult to draw. Mule deer that are trophy quality I are lacking in OR. There are...
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    Leica CRF 900 Rangefinder Give Away From Camera Land

    Enter Me In The Leica CRF Rangefinder/Cameraland Contest
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fishing gear FS

    do you have any vises?

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