Hammer bullets rock!


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Dec 20, 2019
I have been taking 2 Rifles to the range , working on Loads for Hammers. 223 with HH35s and a 300Bee with HH124s Finally found Powders that have me closing in on 4000 in both .
Ramshot X Terminator in the 223.
Imr 4831 in the 300
There are probaly Powders that will work better in both, but I am using What i have LOTs of.


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Apr 15, 2013
I just ordered more of the 160s for the Bee and 121Heavies for the 6.5 PRC and .260. I have an old 700 TI in 260 with the 9 twist so hopefully the 121s run ok in both. As for the 160s in the 300, My velocity goal was an accurate 3350FPS. I started with IMR 4350 cause It looked like it would give me the case fill I want and I have a ton of it. As soon as it cools off I will verify my SD over a larger sample and shoot at distance. I made it to 3400 fps with no pressure, but have a nice node at 3360 and am at about .6 over five rounds which about as good as I can shoot on an average day. My shots all landed exactly on the call. I was going to run a ladder on RL22 as well, but if this load proves out I think I will save the powder and primers and be happy with the IMR 4350. I did my shooting with temps in the low 60s which is the very high end of my hunting temps so I don't really worry about temp stability in anything other than my crow and P-Dog guns. I will update my findings as soon as I get a cool morning to go shoot again.

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