Debunkiing old wive's tales and myths


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Dec 26, 2010
Please take everything you read from this point on with a table spoon of salt and a sense of humor. I certainly am.

For starters, I'm relatively new to this site and have probably asked a few (ok, more than a few) dumb questions. Some even got answers I understood.

Two days ago I stumbled across a thread in this forum asking "which 243 bullet". It had like 6,000 views and bunches and bunches of replies. Poor kid admitted right up front that he was new to reloading and then made the all too often fatal error of asking "which 6MM bullet is best". ...And let the games begin..................................

I tried to read and follow some of the more in depth responses, but lost interest and moved on. Most of the "suggestions" I was reading came from expert reloaders with the best of intensions but again, most never had even held a 243 Winchester bullet, much less worked one up.

"""""Many, I'd start with Lapua brass, forstner dies, berger vlds, varget powder Federal gold match primers, 2 night force scopes, harris bipod, jeweled triggers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

****, made me feel inadequate as hell. I've never seen a piece of Lapua brass, much less loaded one. Same thing goes for forstner, berger, varget, night force and jeweled triggers. But I did feel better when I saw the Federal Gold match primers. I've shot thousands of those, but in 38 Specials.

My brass is once fired Remington brass, sized with an old Lee FL sizing die and bullets (Amax's and SMK's) are seated with an RCBS standard seating die, measured with a $12.00 electronic/digital micrometer from Harbor Freight Tools. Powder is dispensed from an OLD RCBS dispenser.

I have no way of measuring head space, how far the ogive is sitting off the curly things in the barrel. My most accurate 3 loads in my 4 243's are off the internet. Grain for grain and .0001" for .0001".

I can't school anybody on what they NEED to do to START OUT other than be careful, patient and shoot a lots of different powders, bullets, primers and all at varied seating depths. Get in the ball park of what your rifle likes and tweak your loads by 1/10 grain and .002" at a time. No more than 1 shot per minute.

Here are some pictures of some targets. Each has load data along with the picture. These targets are shot with my gun (Remington 700 VLS) with a 9.125 twist. Don't ever let anyone dictate to you what this twist can do. Here's proof that this gun will MOST DEFINITELY stabilize the 105's and 107's and not marginally. 0.1xx and 0.2xx with the junk I own isn't marginal in my eyes.



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Reminds me of the which stock rifle is best, which caliber is best, etc. Always winds up with a custom 5k plus rifle and the almighty 338. LOL. Oh well, you get what you ask for when you ask. Even I tend to spew out some biased BS so wear some waders and dig through it to find the value in each persons experience.

I will say this though, not all rifle can shoot well with minimal work. Just because your rifles does not mean all will. I have a 204 that shoots **** near bug holes with factory ammo and I have 3 hand loads that I have spent very minimal time on that shoot .25MOA and less. This single rifle makes a guy feel like an expert. However, I have other rifles it took some serious work to get to shoot .25 to .5MOA consistently. Those rifles are the ones that separate luck from skill. I have luck on my side.
Nice!:D When it comes down to it the only "thing(s)" a person really needs is food, oxygen and more time to shoot!
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