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  • I have a 6" Colt Diamond back in 38 cal 90 to 95% new no box, in blue, less than 50 round thru it, packy grips as extra looking for $1600 (made 76 or 77 I believe) no Python but close FFL to FFL 7 day look. Return your expense. You can email me at [email protected] if interested
    I din't mean to ignore you Sorry. I couldn't find where this was again until just now. Nice guns for sure, but they never quite make it to the top of my list, Thanks for the offer though.
    Hey Harper,
    I've been working in & around Spokane for about a year now.
    Didn't know you were there.
    I'm home in Oregon this week, but I'll be in the Spokane area next week, & Newport for a couple more weeks before I head to Montana.
    Fling me am email if you'd like to go shoot sometime
    Hellscanyonhunter @ gmail .com
    TJ Ewing
    Just queried MilDot on "Idaho Wolf Down". If you can your opinion on my response would be welcome. PM anytime! Not just for this
    Glad to here everyone's ok.
    Don't beat yourself up anymore than you have already.
    Get yourself, & him back in the saddle as quick as you can. It'll do ya both some good.
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