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Sep 24, 2004
Ronan, MT
Arrived eastern MT last Mon. morn before noon. My buddy Dan arrived shortly thereafter. We set up the trailer and had a cup of coffee with lunch. Dan says, " lets go for a walk on that state ground just west of here. The piece is only one section in size and about a mile up MT 12. Our plan was to walk to a small pond surrounded by rolling plains and small hills. Got there with little effort. We spotted a small group of antelope does. Each of us had a doe permit. Good 'nuff! Meat for the freezer. We walked south westerly planning to attempt a closer shot. Topped a small knoll and realized that we were not where we wanted to be. Dan carried his favorite model 70 Win. in 243. I, my XP-100 in 22BR. Eased back down the knoll, crawled back a little north and thru a tall sage patch. At this point I spotted a good buck. Good mass, wide spread and long tines. Dan didn't have a buck permit so providence smiled upon me. With the sun at my back, the buck had little idea what the danger presented. Altho' he was looking in our direction. Dan, directly behind me, ranged him at 208 yds. I had a poor shot choice, but did not want to pass him up. Layed down prone for better hold. Held the 14" SS bbl. on his chest just below his chin. Wind blowing about 10 MPH from the south, right to left. Touched off the 55 gr. Sierra HPBT. The 1st shot hit him in the right rear quarter. Not where I wanted it, but enough to slow him down. He took 5-6 steps to his right. My second shot was placed at the base of his neck. Down he went like a ton of bricks. Cold dead when we got to him. He measures 14 3/4", 13" spread, good mass and ivories on each tip. Best one I have taken in MT. He will make an excellent europeon mount. Huntin' speed goats is a blast!!
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