700 yard bull elk


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Sep 3, 2004
on the rifle range in Utah
As promised, here's some pics of the bull elk I helped kill this week. It wasn't really long range or the biggest bull on the mountain but considering it was shot on the second to last day of the hunt and the hunter was a bit intimidated by "old green", I think it's noteworthy.

I especially loved the bullet mushroom. This bullet went through some scrub oak, through the neck, into the shoulder, ran down the length of the spine and stopped under the sixth broken vertebrae. Gotta love those .338's!

The elk went down like it had been hit by lightning and the classic "whhhopp" was probably heard for miles. Ok, maybe not quite that far but it could be heard quite clearly from where I was even through the pouring rain.

I haven't scored it yet but I like the uniqueness of it and it's got lots of character. It's an old bull and definitely on the downhill side of life. Sure wish I could have seen this bull several years ago.

Anyhow, specs are:

225 grain .338 Accubond at 3310 fps (I usually shoot the 300 grain SMK but I didn't want to abuse the poor girl with recoil so I chambered an accubond for her as it recoils significantly less)
7.5 MOA up/ 15 degree angle
Leupold VXIII 6.5-20x40 LRT fine crosshair
Ranged by Swaro 1500 rangefinder at 696 but that was before the bull moved a few steps away from us.




Nice bull.
We know for you 700 yards is not long range, but some of us have never killed anything that far.
I have to tell you I have been waiting to read your story for your Elk hunt this year, and I am expecting something around 1500 yards or so. After your 1406 yard cow elk from last year, you can get better.:D
Congrats again and keep us posted.
Neat bull, WTG, thanks for sharing...Old green thunder has been piling them up for a while now, what is the round count on that thing?
Way to shoot Megan!!! Nice bull and nice shot in a pouring rain storm, with a big audience of guys to put the pressure on you. Well done!!!

Good job GG and the Thunder!! I think it's Blairs turn next, isn't it ??? ---- RHB
GG, since you normally shoot the 300SMK I would really like your assessment of the 225 NAB.

I am sure that you have seen shots at this range and if it not too much trouble I would love to hear how the two bullets and their wounds compare.

Unlike you, my shots tend to be under 300 yards, but 700 yard shots can't be counted out. I personally like the NAB since it does not fail me at near point blank range, but I do worry about it as it falls below the magical 1800 fps boundary.

Not looking for arguments here just impressions.....

Not sure how the talented shooter is related to you, but she certainly needs to be in more of the pictures :)

Single shot and a clean kill at almost 700yds, fantastic, I had to laugh today cause on one of the hunting shows a couple "pros" went crazy over a 160 yd. shot off sticks at a pronghorn , great job young lady:D:Dgun).