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  • i saw your post on the 22-284
    im building one now just to blow stuff up
    what bullet do you recommend for max velocity and best expansion that will survive
    barrel will be 27" 1-8.5 thanks
    Hey goodgrouper,

    I live here in Utah and have been looking for a gunsmith to do work on some rifles for both myself and a couple family members. I know I don't have any posts, but I am a real person. I just moved from Sandy to Orem. I used the PMAA and Lee Kay ranges while I lived in SL County, but now use the Provo city range, mostly. The exception is when I need longer than 100 yes. Anyway, I came across an old post of yours mentioning that you knew of some reliable gunsmiths in the area. I would appreciate as much information as you could give and would be more than willing to return any favors you may need!

    Thank you,
    GG, howdy from the Bronx! Having read the Huskemaw/Burms post (saga) I must admit I too am interested in the Huskemaw/Greybull system for the obvious simplicity. However I usually leave no stone unturned, so I ask for scope system guidance. I find myself with a 7mm WSM that shoots 1/2" with boring regularity, a new Sendero 7mm RM, a Cooper Phoenix in 6.5-284 also a 1/2" gun. All without scopes! I have a pda, Perry systems software for pda and pc and a Kestral. Yes I'm concerned that I may not have the time or proper conditions to do calculations while the games moves. I also kinda like Hollands ART reticle in principle for this reason. Realistically 600 to 700 yds would probably be my outside limit especially on a guided hunt even when the outfitter knows I can shoot. What do you think in general and about specific scope recommendations. Nightforce 5.5-20 MOA reticle across the board??? Thanks in advance for your time.

    GG, have you ever shot the 6.5 130 grain swift scirroco 2 bullets. They have a very good BC compared to the other 130's. I was wondering if the published B.C. is correct.

    Thanks in advance,

    goodgrouper, I have had good results with ramshot hunter in my 300wsm, have you ever tried this powder. Thanks
    If you don't mind, what do you clean your cases with? I saw the pictures you posted about reloader 17 and was wondering what you used. Thank you for your time Oldfamily.
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