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  • I agree, put have had difficulty finding a gunsmith that works with Weatherby actions. Do you happen to know of any Weatherby gunsmiths?
    Can i borrow your brain for a min please? In the nut shell... I got $800 ready to drop on a scope. I've looked at wotac,burris,leup,everything i can think of. Any sugs on what you prefer? It will be resting on a Rem Sendero sf2 7mmRUM. I'll be makeing shots at 500+yds regular. Best scope for the money that has good tracking and repeatability.
    Sir, I saw your post about the lacking qualities of the .308. My brother and I are looking at an entry level LR sniper rifle, and I"m wondering what you may think of the .270 short magnum or .270 weatherby. According to the charts they carry more energy and shoot flatter than the .308.

    I just saw a couple of your posts on here and we may know some of the same people. I was in STA 3/7 in the late 80's.

    Semper Fi
    Carl Taylor
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