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  • Swarovski They are a little tricky to get accurate readings. I usually end up taking 8 or ten readings in front of and behind the target and if possible on he target. There is a little bit of voodoo involved but with practice you can get very very close even with that big circle. Others may be able to hold on an animal and get a perfect reading everytime, just my method. My only real complaint is that it is kinda hard to see that circle in bright light.
    Hi Eddybo,
    What range finder do you use for those long range cow elk hunts?
    Hi eddybo, I'm getting a new 6.5X47 Lapua rifle next month. Been waiting 5 months already, they are projecting the last week in July to the first week in Aug. It's a Hart 28" SS 8 twist with a neck turn .290 neck and a short .123 FB for the berger 130 VLDs.
    Would you give me some advice on loads. I've got RL15 because most of the write ups list it as the best, but I've started using RL17 and it's become my best powder in my 270 2506 and 308. All compressed loads that are faster and more accurate than anything I've tried in the past. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Feel free to email me directly [email protected]
    Thanks again,
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