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Shawn Carlock
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Apr 4, 2019
Jun 11, 2007
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North Idaho
Gunsmith & tactical trainer

Shawn Carlock

Sponsor, from North Idaho

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Apr 4, 2019
    1. Shawn Carlock
      Shawn Carlock
      For the standard Edge we still run h 1000.
    2. Booney
      Shawn just wondering if you have had any luck with rl 33 or is 90gr of h1000 still the best load for one of your edges. Thanks Kyle
    3. Shawn Carlock
      Shawn Carlock

      Sorry I missed you message for so long. I would get a Sendero to start with and go from there. 2000.00 is not enough to build a good custom from scratch. A Sendero will let you get started and build as you go.
    4. Shawn Carlock
      Shawn Carlock

      I think the Sendero is a fine starting place, I would lean toward a 300 RUM myself for caliber.
    5. NZBaz
      Hi Shawn. I would also like to say I have enjoyed your articles for NZ Hunter magazine. I am keen to give long range shooting a try. I have been pointed in the direction of a Remington Sendero SFII in 7mm Rem Mag for a starting rifle, what are your thoughts on the Sendero?. Cheers.
      My name is Darren Green .. I'm out of Alabama. I've been keeping up with some of your shooting for quite some time now. Ipressive to saythe least. I am fairly new to longe range shooting and want to build a 338. Leaning toward the 338 RUM but don't know enuff about the allen and edge to rule them out. The lapua seems to be out of reach due to cost.... I have $2000 To start building with. Looking for a little direction on wich of these 338's and what action you would recommend. Thank you much and have a good day sir.

      Darren Green
    7. Shawn Carlock
      Shawn Carlock
      Thanks, glad you liked it. I will be doing 5 more for them.
    8. foreign
      hey Shawn, just wanting to say that nice article in the NZ Hunter Magazine. glad to see articles like it in a great NZ Mag. cheers for all the interesting reading on here to and the continual knowledge. cheers rob
    9. etisll40
      Hello Shawn,

      I've read a lot about you and watched you shoot on U tube too. A 338 Allen Magnum I think? Pretty cool.

      I'd like your thoughts on building a 6.5x55, trying to stay under 10lbs with scope. I'd like this to be a tack driver, for shooting deer and long range target practice. I'm looking for someone to build the gun that is knowledgeable. Are you interested? Have you built one before? What might it cost? I like the lower kick of this round and it seems like a great deer hunting round with good down range target distance. Any other ideas you might find better than this? Can you give me a quote? Custom action or Rem 700 actions, what is the difference in price ok? I think Stiller has a decently priced action and a jewel trigger for about 1100. Can you quote me. I'm at [email protected] Name is Ed Tills, I've called you a few times. I'd like the actionand barrell to be able to handle the upper limits of loads.

      Ed Tills
    10. japple
      hey shawn. thanks for spending the time to talk to me on the phone today. I would love to take one of your classes this spring or summer. could you send me an email of the dates or if you have an update email you send out I would really appreciate. Look forward to shooting with you and learning some more about shooting. thanks john
    11. japple
      hey there. I am considering a custom rifle build and am contacting a few smiths about it it and would like to discuss a few things with each one of them. my phone number is 541-663-6094. thanks
    12. Spanners
      Hiya - you wouldn't have any Sendero take off barrels in 300 RUM around would you?>
      Do you do any long range shooting training out of state?
    14. linksmechanic
      Hi there. I talk to you quite a bit and have had work done from you. I live near by your shop. I was wondering if you have ever done a 7mm/338lapua before? I'm kinda interested. I would imagine you could build this off a 700 action?
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