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  • Cheers Ed
    The lads will have them in if I have anything to do with it! I expect them to be objective in their opinions, but if they turn out to like them in use - what an endorsement that would be.
    Eric, thanks for the follow up, the Ruger No.1 in 7m STW stainless was a real find, one that's a keeper in my favorite caliber. The Ruger 375 HH is also fantastic. Both shoot great, building loads as we speak. Stay in touch. Ed
    I sold Ed two Ruger no.1s both transactions were flawless. Fast payments and great communication. Best of all I got a new buddy! Ed's a great guy to deal with.

    Thanks again Ed.

    Best thing to do is call me, it's a one of a kind custom and the only reason I'm selling is I'm building a .416 and I need the funds It's a great gun and can be shot well beyond 400 yes in capable hands. My longest with it was 356 but it can go longer...423-322-1326. Bill Travis
    That was one of the threads, I couldn't stop laughing. The other one was like a 300 TAC win mag, beautiful gun and they guy wanted to sell it and trade up to 338 lapua, edge. Some guy comes on there and offers an ar-15? I hardly think a guy with a custom 30 caliber wanting to trade up to 338 is looking for an ar in 223! Go figure, I asked if the idiot could put 338 bullets in the ar mag? I wanted to see if he said yes?!
    Is that illuminated too? Is that the reticle most are using? I may put in an order but I want to move a few items first. Your price is great.
    Yes, I have them if you want one. I have the 2-12 VX-6 with the CDS on it for $825 shipped to your door. That's with the duplex reticle.

    I tried to call you and email you today and had no success. I will get up the $ and send you a personal check ASAP for $711.00 and hopefully that will be sufficient for you. I appreciate you doing all the work to get this brass for all of us.
    Thanks again,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I do wear double hearing protection with with my 7stw and lapua as I like the muzzle breaks but they make it louder. I'm in the process of applying for an FFL 7 license as we need to have one here to own a suppresor. I take your suggestions to heart about my ears and eyes. I read that the Israeli defense sniper training only allows 11 shots per day with the 50 bmg in training.
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